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  1. premalatha

    Hi Mullai,
    One of my friends told me about your SIO. Doing a great service. The wild catch (fresh sea prawns) I buy has a strong chlorine smell which does not go away even after several rinsing and cooking. I don’t like the frozen ones. Do you have any idea?

    1. Mullai

      Hi Premalatha, after shelling and deveining I marinate them with little turmeric, a pinch of salt and lemon juice for 10 minutes anything longer will literally cook the prawns because of the acidity in lemon juice. A quick turmeric lemon juice wash will also help. After marination you may either wash prawns or if you don’t mind citrus flavor then cook along with it. We don’t get fresh prawns in our area and apply this for my frozen shrimps, but have mom and in-laws do the same in India for fresh caught prawns. Hope this helps, thanks.

  2. Karthiga

    I Like this dish. Ur recipes r excellent. Even my hubby likes ur recipes. Can u pls temme that shrimp name. We will buy medium size raw prawns . It does nt taste that much good

  3. Shalini

    Dear Mullai,

    The Era varuval is really mouth watering.Will try soon.BTW,Did u get these small prawns from any oriental stores?I hv only those jumbo prawns available in my grocery store

    1. Mullai

      Shalini, these are medium sized shrimps from Sams club. I really miss those tiny Indian prawns; never seen them in any of the stores here. Ofcourse salad style shrimps are available at Walmart, those are pre-cooked and not that tasty. Thanks.

  4. Cappuccino

    The outcome was absolutely Fabulous ! Love your recipes. Will def try this with Paneer. Your pan looks great, where did you bought that and how much ?

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