Cucumber Carrot Salad

Written by Mullai

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  1. thiya

    Hello Mullai,

    i tried this yesterday evening.
    it came out very well.
    simple but it was tasty.
    we all liked it a lot.

    thankyou so much for sharing all these recipes.


  2. shan

    Mullai ma'am, Love this salad. But i have a question, onion and cucumber munnadiyee mix pannina watery ah ayidatha ? BTW, red wine flavour ku add panroma ? Never tried any salad in my life-time also never tasted…Would like to try this for a gettogether…

    1. Mullai

      Shan, salads are always good when fresh and refridgeration is just an option here. Red wine vinaigrette is just like a dressing.. or condiment to give the citrus garlic flavour and is not a must, use fresh lemon juice instead.

      1. abhimuthu


        What dishes are tastes good in sona masoori rice. I usually get basmathi rice, rawrice and idly rice. This time I got sona masoori rice, but I dont know for what it is used..

        It is like raw rice or is it parboiled rice? Can you please help me. Thanks!

  3. jlakshmi


    I could not wait to soak the chick peas and wanted to try ASAP, so tried with Canned Garabanzo beans, everything else remains the same. It was ” SO SO SO SO “….Good.

    I am in a real mood to cook, so I am also going to try Rajma Masala and Chappathi with Aruna’s CFC too.. ( My drumsticks are getting soaked for dinner)

  4. rajeswarpj

    very nice and healthy salad thanks mullai.
    One gneral doubt can we use the coffee grinder to grinder the wet items like chutney and masalas?

    1. Mullai

      Rajeswari, coffee grinder should only be used for grinding dry items like podis and powders. Once you are done with grinding, wash the lid and let it dry and clean the inner cup of the mixie with a paper towel. All wet items should either go in the blender or Indian style mixie. Hope this helps and thanks for your comment.

  5. jlakshmi


    Wonderful healthy salad, good for party/get together’s even to have it plain. How come you come up each day with wonderful and superb ideas ? Many thanks

  6. Valentine

    Everyday you are inspiring with newest receipes….This is possible only for you…u’re a hardworking and a dedicated person…Thanx for your receipe

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