Coriander Peanut Chutney – Kothamalli Chutney

Coriander Peanut Chutney

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. Sengut2006

    Since ran out of பொட்டுக்கடலை made this Chutney, with a twist. Added ground & Walnut 50:50 and it came out very well.
    Had it with as side dish for Upma. 😍

    1. Mullai

      Mr. Senguttuvan, mikka nandri for trying out my recipes. That’s a lot healthier choice you have been…50/50 peanut walnuts sounds delicopus, now its my turn to try your version. Thanks again fro taking your time to visit my web page to drop in a comment, means a lot to me!

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