Collard Greens Dal

Written by Mullai

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    appreciate your way of letting us know the cool way of cutting those greens, i did it faster and they looked more even n beautiful, thanks for sharing, my keerai is being cooked, i sneaked out to write to you, thanks again

  2. Valentine

    Tried y'day…cameout superb. Also as you mentioned i took more time to cook than the regular grees…but taste of your receipe was yummy !!! I'm going to try all your vegetarian receipes…

    1. Valentine

      You didn't edit anything, i edited my question Mullai. B'coz previously i posted like What is green gram dhal ? After clicking on submit i found green gram is Paasi paruppu, so that instead of deleting i altered my question as i posted below…Its my mistake pa…without reading it fully i posted the question. That's why…

  3. Valentine

    edited my ques…I'm going to make today…will let you know the outcome.

    previously i posted like what is green gram and i found in the method.

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