CHOW CHOW THUVAIYAL – Chow Chow Chutney – Easy Chutney Recipes – Thuvaiyal Recipes

Written by Mullai

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  1. rajiselva

    i tried this today. it came out nicely. thanks. the form was good and resembled the same as that of you. but the chow chow was little bit hard after cooking for 3 min. i had to cook for more than 8 min. (with little amount of water added to it). whether i can pressure cook chow chow for a minute or two and add it later. but the taste was superb. We used make peerkangai in the same method.


  2. Preethy Susan Z

    Tried this .. goes well with dosa … shud try the left over with rice and ghee … Ps : Chow chow was always never in the list when i buy my weekly veges .. Drove to the vege shop this morning all the way to buy just chow chow 😛

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