Chilli Kothu Parotta


Great street side fast food, most requested Tamil Nadu famous Muttai Kothu Parotta. (Kothu Parotta/ Chilli Parotta / Muttai Kothu parotta / Egg Parotta)
3 nos Plain parotta
2 nos Onions
1 no Tomatoes
1 no Green chilli (long)
¼ tsp Ginger garlic paste
1 tsp Cumin seeds
3 nos Eggs
¼ tsp Turmeric powder
½ tsp Red chilli powder
15 nos Curry leaves
3 stks Coriander leaves – for garnishing
½ tsp Salt (or to taste)
5 tsp Oil


To start with, follow the link below and try making plain parottas.

If that’s a problem, just drop in at any Indian store and buy Kerala type flaky parottas from the frozen section. Shred them using a food processor and run on pulse setting for few seconds. Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and keep them aside.  Heat oil in a kadai and season with cumin seeds and curry leaves. Fry the chopped onions and green chillies until golden. Add the ginger garlic paste and fry until the raw smell goes away, followed by the chopped tomatoes along with turmeric, chilli powder and salt. Fry them for couple of minutes and then add the shredded parotta crepes and toss to coat the masala. Now turn the flame to high setting and pour the beaten eggs and cook until everything is well mixed. Initially it might look little sticky, as the eggs are cooked it will turn into crumbly little crepes coated partially with eggs and masala. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.

Yield: 2-3 Adult servings.


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53 comments to Chilli Kothu Parotta

  • SL4LYF

    By the way, kothu is a srilankan dish from batticaloa, srilanka, Not a tamil nadu dish..

    • Pragmatic

      Well Parathas are essentially north Indian in origin, where the diet is wheat based. Different regions have different types of parathas – the flaky type is essentially an origin of Punjab (laccha parathas).
      Who cares if it is not a Tamil dish? After all parathas did not originate in Batticaloa?

      • BSP

        Parathas (made of wheat flour) are north Indian in origin. Parottas (made from maida are south indian / srilanlkan in origin

    • Jeyakumar

      We called it muttai poratta. It is very famous in south tamil nadu particularly in madurai area. We can’t eat Srilankan food. They don’t know any other spices apart from Chilli.

      • Busy Bee

        Some authentic Sri Lankan (Tamil) recipes are available under Busy Bee in SIO. Check them first, before commenting about the spices. Sri Lankans use spices too, but to the level it does not destroy the actual taste of the veges/meet.

    • Kothu is not just a Batticaloa food. It is popular among Tamils and Sinhalese. Let it be South Asian food.

  • Mio

    Hi…i wanted to know how many servings is this for? I need to cook for 6…

  • basyanthiga

    i want in vegetarian hot chilli parotta,pls send me a recipe

  • sudhashivam

    Hi Mullai,
    I just finished making this recipe.I added 1/2 tsp mutton masala to it.
    Turned out awesome.My husband loved it.
    Thanks a bunch.

  • mr_ranjeeta

    wow…Mullai…This is Ranjeeta from california..It is Excellent…I love this very much.,…Thanx for ur recepice…Keep on Postin like this..

  • akilasatchi

    Hai Mullai,this is akila from calfornia.I was tempted by your receipes .We are pure veg so can we make the same kottu parotta without usung the egg or let me know that it is good with the egg.I really love to try all of your receipes and would like to post some receipes .But only thing is i don’t have any pictures to show on my receipes .Have a Good Day .

    • Mullai

      Akila, you can make it without eggs, add little fennel seeds for extra flavour or even garam masala powder. Those are not really substitutes for eggs but atleast you won't feel blunt tasting parottas. Thanks for your feedback.

  • jlakshmi


    Not sure how many times I tried this .. always turns out to be an yummy dish for our dinner. But still I keep checking the recipe to get the amount in teh ingredients to get the exact taste…

    thx thx thx


  • CP

    Hi Mullai,
    I accidentally came across your site and found the recipes wonderful. Though I am in India but away from Chennai.. I miss Ceylon egg parotta as they make in Buharis in Chennai which appears basically of maida with egg and minced meat thrown in with onions and tomatoes.. Do you by any chance know how to make it? If so please let me know.. I want to cook it for my kids and husband.

    • Mullai

      C Pillai, check my roti canai recipe under bread category. Try making them and top with kheema. Yeah we do make those at home will update sometime soon. Thanks.

  • raju

    Hi mullai,

    Just now i tried it out.Its really superb!!!!


    Hi mullai,
    ur recipes are simply superb. this one is really awesome. ur wonderful presentation made me try this.
    it came out very well. thanks for ur good work.


  • mithra

    wow! really awesome.keep the good work going.

  • priya gopi

    Hi Mullai

    We felt that we have eaten something really delicious from our native.thanks for the recipe.

  • Visitor

    Hi Mullai
    Great recipe. I had been wanting to make this ever since I had it at Saravana Bhavan (New Jersey, US). It was as good as the one I had there. I served it with onion raita and lemon wedges. Great taste, thanks for posting this recipe.

  • jlakshmi


    Can’t resist to try this again, so tried for dinner again and as usual this is the ultimate. Hats off to you.. Can we add some food color to get a nice coloring.

  • shan

    Do you have any idea that how to make this soup ? Aruna Soup Roadside soup stall in Chennai. They serve veggie, mushroom etc…with fried flakes as toppings…Yummy…



  • shan

    Hi Mullai i tried this today for my hubby’s lunch…He just tasted a bit while i made it…He told it tasted good. But soooo sad I’m in diet :(


  • Radhika suresh

    hi mullai i tried this today. it came out in excellent way.thanks a lot. waiting for more of ur recipes

  • Anandhi

    this is awesome to look.
    But my doubt is shall we fry the barota’s before adding it in to the mixture????

    • Mullai


      If using store bought frozen, slightly toast in the tawa or microwave covered with a paper towel for 10 seconds. It has to be in room temperature to proceed with the recipe. Hope htis helps.

  • kaviarun

    Hi Mullai,
    I made chilli kothu parotta last night for dinner. Wow it was yummy.
    Romba naal aasai niraiveriyathu.Thanks a lot.

  • Jaya Lakshmi

    Hi Mullai

    I am a regular reader of your website , though i have not made any postings or comments, But honestly all the recipes are very good and very well presented. I haev tried this Chilli Kothu Parotta several times for dinner and it always turns to be awesome. You can add some cooked white channa along with this while tossing ( You can add about 1/2 can of cooked Garbanzo beans) and capsicum while frying along with onions, it tastes so well. Simple curd onion Raidha goes well with it.

    - Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Jaya Lakshmi

  • shan

    I tried this receipe the outcome was good. But some variations: Exactly as a road side stall they will add a cup of kuruma while making Egg/chicken kothu parotta…but all the ingredients remains same. Thanks for ur receipe.

  • Visitor

    wow…i tried ths n cameout mercy said,me too tried with chappathi n it was awesome.

  • mercyusha

    Hi Mullai,

    I prepared this for breakfast today and it was marvellous. But I used chapathi instead of paratha, but still the taste was superb. Kalakuringa ponga… And am gonna try puliohara today.


    • Mullai

      Kothu chapati for breakfast??? pretty heavy yaar… Anyways thanks and have fun cooking pulihora.

      • Manoo

        Have breakfast as an emperor, lunch as a king and dinner as a begger. So its not heavy I suppose mam :) :):)

        We eat the other way. Eat bread in the morning and kottu roti or chappathi at nights. Btw, I just followed how you have given here; The taste was awesome. I made for our friend's b-day. We ate and could not move at all. Just slept in the hall that day. Forgot to write it. Thank you mam.

        And abt the kothu chapathi, You should try it as It also tastes good. Can use bread instead of roti too. It tastes good as well :) :):)

  • Visitor

    Hi Mullai,
    It was awesome..This was the first dish i tried and I tried to make your other recipes and they come out excellent..Whenever i want to make some dish i will see your website only…Hats off to You!! Keep up the great work!!
    And could u also post me the MOUR(spelt as more) kozhambu recipe please.

  • Meena

    HI Mullai,

    I tried this recipe without the egg….it was simply superb!!!!!!!!!!!! A million thanks to you :) ))

    Thanks again,

  • Anony

    Hi, this recipe came out really well just as in the picture above. All of us enjoyed it.

  • Amutha

    nerthiyana samayal sootchumam, Neer Vaazhga um thondu vaazhga! valarga!
    Thozhi melum nalla samayal muraigalai ariya aasai padugirean.
    Muthal murai avvalavu sariyaga varavillai, irandam murai kaiyyil sikkiyathu porumaiyudan seithathaal.

    Naakku sappu kottum Nandriyudan,
    from Bahrain

  • Nellai Lakshmi

    Hi Mullai,
    This is Nellai Lakshmi. I am leaving in Tokyo. I got ur site in google search for “chalna”. I tried ur recipe chicken chalna replaced chicken with vegetables. It turned out good. Thanks a lot. Planning to try one by one. Your presentation is good which tempts me to try. Keep it up.


  • Archana Suresh

    Hai Mullai,
    Jus came across ur website 2day….found lot of yummy yummy recipes…The best way 2 get into a man’s heart is though his stomach…hence will try them n get back 2 u….

    • archana

      mullai,don’t u need to add the common masala items like elachi,cinnamon,cloves and cardamom for flavour? don’t u need ginger,garlic too?

      • Mathavi

        Again someone did not read anything properly. Ginger and garlic paste is used here. Elachi used for sweets & curries. Cinnamon, cloves and cardamom are used for curries and garvies. Still you can add if you like. But, mostly they are not added for egg kottu parotha.


    Hi Mullai my style of Veg kothu parotta is;
    Ing; 1 onion , 1 tomato, 1capsicum (all veg cut into very small pieces), 1tsp chilli pwd, 1/2tsp turmeric pwd, salt, 1-2tsp garam masala pwd, 2-3 parotta, oil, coriader leaves.
    Heat oil add onions fry then add tomatoes stir for sometime then add capsicum fry for a while ,then add all powders chilli, turmeric, garam masala, and salt lastly add crumbled parotta and finish with coriander leaves.

  • anu

    Hi mullai, This is anu…this site is very nice and ur way of presentation is excellent…i am going to try kothu parotta this week…thnx a lot for the recipie…keep on going with ur excellent wrk.

  • kavithaarun

    Hi mullai ,
    this is kavitha again.thank u very much.i’m from tanjore. now i’m in houston,TX. Today i tried u’r puffS recipe my husband & my children liked it very much.thank u for nice recipe.i want to try u’r chilli paratha & gobi manchurian.i’ll try it oneday.thank u verymuch again.bye.

  • kavithaarun

    i’ve read all your recipes.all the recipes are very good.can i ask u one question?that u are which city
    in tamilnadu?let me know pls. because your moms reciopesare different.thanks.

  • Manoo

    Waaa… Mullai!!!!!  You made it finally…Thats our mam…I saw many requests for chilli paratha so this weekend I wanted to make it(we srilankan call it as kotthu roti) & post the recipe with pictures. Anyways, Guess this is gonna be dinner today in our readers hse :) )

    Btw, We can even make chicken kothu paratha in this way.We should make thick chicken curry & add it before adding roti and stir for 5 mins.This works to all curries. But, they should be very thick gravies. Or just take the chicken from curry and add.

    Cheers Manoo

    • Mullai


       I read all your post and thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful recipes. My post about chilli parotta is just a beginning as so many people have requested for the basic preparation. Here in Tamil Nadu, you get different kinds of kothu parotta.. minced meat, chicken, paneer, Chinese, veg kothu parotta.. the list goes on. I will try to post one by one, meantime you can also post your Sri lankan kothu roti recipes. Do you by any chance prepare roti canai? If so pls share that recipe too.

      • Manoo

        I nvr make paratha as we got a cook who can make it well. I only sit & eat it. We made kottu for our potluck in uni last week. I took a pic too. Need to write how we made it with very few ingredients. Iam running out of time as in a sem we need to design two things. We also have to machine them. Thats sad…

        Its really difficult to get all those stuff you mentioned. So I only try with what I got in my room. However, it turns out well. Guess, It would be really awesome if I use all ingredients. Will give a try in summer vacation. I need much time to try paratha. But will try & surprise my family & friends.




  • chella

    Thanks Mullai.I used to visit ur website daily. Chilli parotta is going to be our dinner today. Once again thanks for ur great effort.Keep it up.

  • leema


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