chicken kabab

Written by Aruna


  1. Aruna

    malathy,Bread crumb is just to get a perfect consistency and also to get cripsy outside(juicy inside)i used 2 tablespoon you know it depends…… if ur mixture is too moisture adjust accordingly by adding little breadcrumbs, i guess its ur first time so u just add 1-2 tablespoon then next time u will come to know .

  2. jlakshmi

    Hi Aruna

    I tried this today.. Came out so so well, I did not have Tandoori Chicken Masala, so added Chilly Chicken Masala, so came out bit spicy. But so yummy.. next time I know how to make it perfectly. Your recipe was perfect. Thanks a ton !!!

    Jaya Lakshmi

  3. abhimuthu

    Unga recipe healthy, oilfree, fatfree, cholestrol free 😉 sollite pogalaam.. so daily one healthy dish a?
    Restaurant style kaba’s madhiri irukku.. Clear steps, neat photos/preparation.

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