Chicken Biryani

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


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  2. Jerrell

    Great website. Plenty of helpful information here. I’m sending it to a
    few buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously,
    thanks in your effort!

  3. Rashi

    Hi Mullai
    Today I made Chicken Biryani inspired by your this post. It was awesome. Next to try is your Salna receipe! That looks very yummy… Your website has increased my confidence in cooking new recipes. Thanks for wonderful collection of recipes and keep posting more!

    1. Mullai

      Thanks for feedback Rashi, Iam elated😊😊☺️☺️☺️ yep, salna will be nice dish to pair it up. Most of my salna or side gravy recipes call for raw masala paste which needs to be suateid for longer time to cook them, just read the notes underneath the recipe before you proceed and Iam sure you will become a pro🙂

  4. sweety


  5. Suja

    Is this 1 cup of rice = 8 oz cup or did you use the small cup that comes with the rice cooker? Please let me know Thanks.

  6. Shri

    Atlast found an excellent chicken biryani recipe. This was the yummiest biryani I have ever made. Thanks allot.

    Pls post if you have the recipe for chettinad chicken biryani recipe. would luv to try that too…:)

  7. divya

    fantabulous Biriyani. thanks for posting the recipe. do continue posting more recipes which is easy to cook, with the punchline “keeping it Simple”

  8. Nommi

    Hi, May I know if I cook 2 cups of rice with one whole chicken (weighs 2.3 kg) will the measurement for all ingredients the same? If not, pls let me know the measurements for all ingredients? I hope i can cook succesfully and taste just like in one of the restaurant I eat. Thks

  9. Anand Vyasa

    The ratio of rice and (the total amount) water for cooking in a pressure cooker is wrong in this recipe.

    According to the recipe ,to cook two cups of basmati rice and the marinated chicken the amounts of water being used are

    1/2 cup of water with the curd
    + 3 cups of water to cook the 2 cups of rice ( Ratio of rice : water = 1: 1.5)
    + water content from the pureed mint, coriander and (3 nos.)tomatoes
    + some water around (1/4 cup) to simmer the chicken to gravy consistency before
    adding the uncooked rice.

    My advice when cooking this recipe (for 2 cups of rice) using a pressure cooker:

    Prepare a diluted mixture of

    1/2 cup curds (or yogurt) and 1 and a 1/2 cup water .

    After getting chicken to gravy consistency, when adding the rice, add the mixture of water+curds according to a ratio of
    1:1 = rice: water+curd .

    Wait for 4 whistles…first two on high heat , the other two on low.Switch off and wait for pressure to completely reduce.

    1. Viji Senthil

      To : Anand Vysya.

      Your comment was helpful to me. Though, the rice : water ratio 1:1 didnt work out for me. I have to try 1 : 1 and a half, next time. Its on trial and error method ! Thanx.

  10. devi

    hi..i have to cook for 40 many cups of rice do i have to cook to serve 40 people (preferable 40 males)..would appreciate ur help so much :))

    1. Mullai

      Cooking for 40 people is a very hard task and wonder how you are going to do. You may need 10 to 12 batches of this recipe to feed that many people. Two cups of rice can feed only 3-4 people approx. Thanks.

  11. sri

    Hi, ur receipe jz easy to cook for coming deepavali but can i get the recipe for 10 people plz coz need to cook for office colleague…. please

    God Bless

    1. Mullai

      You have to make 3 batches of this to feed 10 people. But it also depends on the appetite plus the number of the side dishes served. If those are limited then make 4 batches. Thanks and good luck.

  12. Deborah

    Hi Mullai.

    Thanks for the recipe.

    However, i’ve got i quick question.
    You said 1 plain yoghurt in your ingredients. It is the small of big tub of plain yoghurt?

    Will be making chicken briani on Saturday and i’m sure my Scottish husband will like it.


    1. Mullai

      Deborah, its just 1/2 cup plain yogurt. I’am not about the tub measure just go with a regular cup measure. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your try.

  13. Anitha Ravindran

    hi mullai,

    just now i finished ur chicken biryani and chicken kuruma it came out really superb. I am going to prepare parotta with chicken kuruma for 2nite. Nowdays u make my food super taste.

    Thanks for the wonderful recipes

  14. Nikhil

    Mullai, thank you for the recipe. However, if you are a true meat lover like I am, the ratio of meat to rice will be a little unsatisfying. The recipe suggests 2 cups rice for 1/2 kg meat. Instead I made it with 1 cup of rice.

  15. mohana

    hi mullai, i am newly married. from last week only i started my cooking begging it was good. Now i am wondering what to do for next day. i need to make the lunch for my husband. pls give some idea how to organize the recipe everyday. thanks. waiting for your reply

    1. Mullai

      Mohana, try the simple ones first which uses little ingredients. Master the basics like sambar, rasam and poriyals, which ofcourse you might be preparing on an everyday basis. Try the hard ones once in a while… invite a friend and try it together… you will have lot of fun as well learn new stuff. Goodluck and blessings for a happy married life. Thanks.

  16. Sheetal Katke

    Hi, i stay alone and cook only for myself or a friend on odd occasions. The measurements used is for 4-6 people i guess… I am a little scared that I will mess it up since i will have to make alterations in the measurements… but looks like a great recipe… another concern is, most of the recipes suggest (even the cover of the basmati rice suggests) that we soak the rice for atleast 20 mins before using… is it required for this recipe??? someone here has commented stating the rice was spoilt since they soaked the rice for 5 mins??? help mee 🙁

    1. Mullai

      Sheetal, the above recipe should feed just 3-4 adults with good appetite, plus a little leftover for lunch box. There’s no way you can mess this, its a simple rice cooker preparation and its going to do the job for you. Just make sure you use right measure of liquid that you add. Coming to the soaking part- soaking tend to make the rice fluffy and soft. For any rice cooker or pressure cooker rice recipe- soak good quality rice for 5 – 7 minutes. If cooking by traditional dum style then its need to be soaked for 30 minutes or more. For this recipe I don’t even recommend soaking just wash and dump it in the rice cooker. There are chances for spoiling if you go with cheap brand basmati rice… like the buyone get one free type. I used Royal Basmati from sams club and no flops whatsoever. Build up your confidence and go ahead, you can do this and get back to me. Thanks.

  17. Nepali Food

    Very helpful information, its my lucky day i found the right site. Very nice picture and nice way of explaining via picture. i love this recipe.

  18. paulbill

    This is cooking right now as we speak.

    Question on pressure cooking. I have an indian whistling pressure cooker (Hawkins).

    What should be the approximate time in minutes between whistles?
    On my stove on high heat, it was approx a 1 minute.. This does not seem long enough to me.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Paul,

      Usually if its a good pressure cooker it should whistle withing few seconds when put on high flame. Always put the flame over medium for biryani that way the bottom portion doesn't get burnt. If kept this way then the gap should be about 3 minutes. By this time you must have finsihed the biryani, hope it turned out ok. Thanks.


  19. Eriko

    It was delicious, but it came out Chicken gravy rice. Just because I used pressure cooker? I am wondering amount of water was too much.. Any comments? Thanks!!

  20. rprabu

    Hi Mullai,

    I just tried your recipe and it became like a chicken gravy rice rather than the briyani! I followed your recipe to the ‘t’ but I guess I messed up in the sauteing of chicken. Rather than have pictures of spices, I would highly recommend that you put pictures of ‘while cooking’ to give those who are cooking the first time ever! 😉 like me, to know when to stop the sauteing and go to the next step…Now I have to think of a way to drain the excess moisture and make it look like a briyani 😉 coz i am so not dumping this rice into the trash 😉


    1. Mullai

      Prabu, sorry to hear… but this is a guaranteed no fail recipe, even an amateur can cook this perfect in a rice cooker. I will try posting step by step instruction when i get a chance. A bad brand rice could spoil the dish, so pick the best. don't loose hope, try again, you will sure succeed. Thanks.

  21. nsivasu


    I could not get good food in SanFrancisco for the last two months, i mean Indian food. Once i saw your site and started my own cooking and now i am so interested to try all the items.Awesome south Indian recipes.


  22. Mrs Dhinesh

    Hi Mullai ,
    I started cooking only from last month & Yesterday , I tried Chicken briyani for the 1st time in my life .I followed all the measurements as you have given but then it became like a chicken gravy rice . Can you just give me some tips for the end result to be a Perfect Briyani ?

    1. Mullai

      Mrs Dhinesh,

      You can never go wrong in this recipe, its so perfect and you can read from the comments. All you have to watch for is good quality rice, less soaking time, check the quanity of water you used. For every cup of rice its 2 cups liquid measure including yogurt. I make this often in my rice cooker with Sams club Royal basmati rice and every time it turns out perfect.  Better luck next time.



      1. Mrs Dhinesh

        Hi Mullai ,

                       Thanks for your Comments . Hmmm , i got to know the mistake i washed the basmati rice after soaking it for some 5 mins and i didn't get India Gate Basmati rice at the Indian shop so i got TILDA Basmati rice i tried it for the 1st time . Next time when , I go to Sam's club will get the basmati rice which you are using  . Once again thank you for your tips Mullai .            

        Thanks ,

        Mrs Dhinesh       

  23. informSudha

    Hello Mullai,I am a big fan of all your recipes….Think, every day you people have feast at your home !!!

    Have a question,
    What is the measurement for four cups of rice, to do the chicken biryani?


  24. sathu

    Mullai u rock!!!

    It was a perfect chicken biriyani finallyyyyyyy…

    It took me 3 attempts to hit the bull's eye 🙂 In my earlier attempts… the "chicken aroma" in the biriyani was not dominant as expected and it tasted a little bit like a rich tomato rice… What could be the reason? I used the same quantity of chicken all 3 times. Please reply if u get time 🙂 Take care! 

  25. Rakhi

    Hi Mullai,

    Thanx 4 such good recipes. Tried this one and it came out very well. Also tried chicken salna, chicken chettinad, chicken tikka masala, khushka and many more. All turned out very tasty. Thanx again and keep up good work.


  26. Shilpa Bandikeri

    Hi mullai, I tried this receipe and it came out really well. My husband loved it. Thank u for making this biryani so simple.

  27. saminath

    Hi, I  prepared biryani what ever given the same way, it was very nice. My friends every one told that very tasty. Thanks for nice posting . It is very useful for unmarried guys.

  28. merais

    Thank you once again! I made this on Tuesday and it was great. I put some balck peppercorns in for flavour. Only thing wring was I put in too much chillipowder but this was my fault for not following your recipte.

    thanks again!

  29. saikoshy

    Dear Mullai,

    Thank you for this wonderful & easy biryani. My husband used to always complain about my biryanis saying that they are too dry. But when I made this he took 3 helpings :). It came out real good & as he said “real yummm”. He has even told me to prepare it again when my in-laws visit us next week – so I know it has got his full approval.

    Thank u once again. I’m off to try more of u’r wonderful recipes.

    – Sai

  30. Rani Kumar

    Hi Mullai, I am planning to cook this biryani for 35 people, can u pls tell me the ratio of rice n water, yogurt. i am planning to cook 7 cups rice n 4 lbs chicken.i am planning to cook in oven.I thought, I will half cook the chicken, and cook all masalas first, then I am planning to put the uncooked rice, half cooked chicken with masalas n add water, n finally put it in oven, does this sounds good or bad. I am doing in this method for the first time. pls gimme some idea. 

    1. Mullai

      Rama, cooking for 35 people is not an easy task. Don't attempt anything new when you cook for a big crowd, do what you are familiar with. If you ask about this recipe, you might probably need more than 5 batches and also depend on the other items you cook. You do the math and read the comments section as many questions like this have been already answered.

  31. mahesh

    hi mullai,

    can u pls tell me,if i have to make the same biriyani in a vessel,is it possible,how long should i keep it in place of 2whisltles for a cooker.

  32. JothiOm

    Hi Mullai.. Your chicken biryani recipie is awesome n when ever I make it, it turns perfect n tastes good..Thank u so much. If more cups of rice is taken should v let the same 2 whistles in pressure cooker or…???How about mutton biryani? is it the same no. of whistles or wud u suggest any? Kindly clear my doubt..

  33. DB

    Excellent recipe. Thanks for posting!
    I have been wanting to make chicken biryani for a while but have been frightened of the elaborate recipes. This recipe was simple but delicious.
    Will definitely make it again.

  34. Sentil

    Hi Mullai,

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and yet simple to make recepies. Chicken Biryani turned out very tasty. Plese carify how to avoid burn outs at the bottom layer, while cooking in the pressure cooker. Thanks again.

  35. KewlDude

    Hi Mullai,

    Thanks a bunch for the receipe

    I made with the exact quantity & specifications, I feel the biriyani was little watery & oily as well (probably to my liking) but the taste was awesome. Thanks again.

  36. jayashreej

    hi mullai ..

    excellent dish..i tried today with kohinoor basmathi rice ..but the rice gets sticky at the bottom .. what should i do for that..i usually dont soak the rice in water before much water to be used for 21/2 cup rice..

    1. Mullai

      Jayashree, no matter what vessel / cooker or rice you use, a little portion of rice will stick to the bottom. One good solution… once it comes up to warm after cooking, transfer the content to a wide bowl or plate and spread gently. I wouldn't alter the water, use the same proportion mentioned above. Pls also read the comment section under the recipe for more tips, these topics have been discussed many times. Thanks.

  37. nischi_d

    Hi Mullai, Thanks a ton for the wonderful recipe!

    I tried out this recipie 2 days back and came out soooo well. It was the first time i prepared biriyani and my husband was so impressed. That has given me courage to invite my in laws for lunch on sunday. Can you please tell me whether it is enough if i take 4 times the quantity of all ingredients mentioned in your recipe when i am cooking for 6 people and using 2kgs of chicken.

    1. Mullai


      This recipe should feed 3 adults (good eaters), don't know about your guests, so.. you do the math. The more the chicken, the more tastier its going to be. So you can use 3/4 kg for 2 cups if not its ok with the regular proportion too. I would suggest you to do two separate batches to be on the safe side. Unless youa re a pro in pressure cooking techniques… huge batch in pressure cooker might not work or better stick to rice cooker which is safe. Goodluck!

      1. nischi_d

        Thanks Mullai!

        I thought of using 2kgs of chicken for 8 cups(rice cooker measuring cups) of rice. Will that be fine? I am going to have 10 people over here tomorrow for lunch and they are all good eaters. So just to be on the safer side i thought of preparing a little excess. Will do it in 2 batches in the rice cooker. But what about the other ingredients? Shall i add 4 times of what is given in your recipe?


    Hi Mullai,Whenever I try making chicken biriyani,it comes like ven pongal,inspite of following the rules very carefully,the problem could be the water,I use the brand “Double Deer” is it ok,or do you have any suggestions ? If its not too much to ask,can you give for 1/4 kg chicken,in the sense just for one person,so that after trying it,I can make for 1 kg.I stay in Chennai and started learning cooking only couple of years back.

  39. nazreena

    please tell me instead of saffron what can use ideas anyone
    you coperation and understanding is greatly appreciated

    1. Shamdeswari

      ur recipes are realy good…i loved most of the dishes i tried in here…hope to try some more interesting recipes

    1. Mullai

      Tim, store bought masala is ok to use but has a different blend of spices. So taste of the biryani will depend on the quality of masala used. Thanks.

  40. preethika

    Hi Mullai,
    thanks to ur wonderful recipe..had a feast for Easter..i just cut down on the spices…biryani came out well.nethu vanguna paaraatellam ungalukku dhaan 🙂

  41. bhuvi

    Hi mullai,
    i really like your recipes…they are nice and easy.i tried your biryani recipe…came out really well…thanks mullai…recommended to my friends and sis too.

  42. mesasi

    Hi Mullai,
    Could you please tell me what you meant when you said 1 CUP? Is this the measuring cup or the cup which we get with the rice cooker? Thank you.

  43. thiya

    Hello Mam,

    Thank you very much for your delicious recipes.
    Your recipes are really very nice.
    I am very thankfull for your recipes.


  44. shan

    Dear Mullai,

    How to get different colors of rice in-between the briyani like yellow, orange, green likewise ? Last week i tasted this kind of colored briyani in Briyani Express…

    1. Mullai

      Madam…. coriander leaves are used as garnish for the biryani and its not green colour rice. Ok, once when rice is cooked, mix colour to little water(whatever colour you wish) and sprinkle over it. Do not mix or disturb for some time. It will go all the way down, after cooling the rice when you mix them gently.This way you will find each one looking different.

  45. abish

    hi ramya,
    u can make biryani tastefully with seeraga samba rice. 4 1 cup rice take 2 cups of water. no need to soak the rice just wash it twice and drain . even now i prepare biryani, tomata rice with this rice only.result was good.have a try and let me know how it comes


  46. Ramya Ashok

    Hi mullai, Can i use seeraga samba rice for briyani? If so, is the water ratio same as basmati rice? we've some guests for 2mrws lunch…Also i've 1 ltr capacity pressure cooker. So, to cook in bulk amount, can i bake in oven, after all seasoning is done….expecting ur reply……thanx in advance

    1. Mullai

      Hi Ramya,

      Never had a chance to try with seeraga samba, as its hard to find here. Guess its the same proportion but if you're making for guests, do not experiment. Try with the variety which you are comfortable with. Oven is risky too… rice cooker would be perfect choice.

  47. sathu

    Thanks for ur reply Mullai… Okay I will have to double the water and yogurt..
    What about onions…tomato, chilli and ginger garlic paste..shld i double them also…?

    1. Mullai

      Sathu, same holds good for the rest. Got to be doubles to get juicy biryani. You can also make with less gravy but end having dry biryani.. you know what I mean.. depends on your taste. You do the math.

  48. Visitor


    I’m a woman from the Netherlands who visited India for a few months. There I ate the delicious South Indian food and I especially liked Biryani (and parota’s off course 🙂
    I always wanted to make it for my friends and family in Europe, but until now I couldn’t find a receipt. So thank you very much! It maybe will be hard to find the ingredients here, but I surely gonna try it.Thanks!


    1. Mullai

      Marleen, no big deal… just give your location and we can help you find the ingredients. There are quite a few online stores which can help too, if you don't mind. Write to us, if you need any help with the preparation. Kindly register to have full access bcos that might be very helpful. Thanks for visiting.

  49. sathu

    Hello Mullai,

    Your site and receipes seem to be amazing… Chicken Biriyani is the first dish I tried and oooo it turned out to be delicious…It was as if my mom had cooked it for me….Thank u so much for all ur time in posting these lovely mouth watering receipes. I have a question, If I have to cook 4 cups of rice, should i just double the amount of all the ingredients?? Will that do?

    One suggestion: With rocking content in your website, if you just make the look and feel a little colourful ….I bet urs would be the best cooking website.. All the best in all your endeavours…Happy New Year -sathya

    1. Mullai

      Hi Sathu, good to know that you relished this dish and hope would try many more. Actually, if you wish you can cut down some of the masala items, but do not mess with water and yoghurt, just multiply with cup measures. BTW, thanks for your suggestion and for sure will work on it. Your ideas are welcome too, pls feel free to send us a feedback. Thanks again.


  50. rani

    hi everybody……..can anybody tell me the recipe for mint chicken(pudina chicken)…i searched for that but i didnt find good one…waiting for u r reply bye takecare…..

    1. Mullai

      Lara, there's no specific reason for using those. They come in real handy, whe you don't have ripe tomatoes at home. Moreover gives good colour to the dish without adding any food colour. During winter, its vey hard to get nice ripe tomatoes and even if I get, they have to be used in 2 or 3 days and get to drive to the market just twice a month. Brand doesn't matter much, as you may even get good local brands too. Mkae sure they have just tomatoes, tomato juice and little salt or even without any salt and chemicals. Using canned tomatoes is just an option, you can very well use regular ones too. Pure matter of convenience!!

    1. Visitor

      to avoid the ricw from being overcooked, try not using the pressure cooking . instead use a wide open pan.
      add a little less water for cooking the rice and put a spoon of oil.
      the rice will be cooked seperately. add water as required and close the vessel to cook. steam helps in cooking the rice.

  51. Visitor

    Hi Mullai,
    Did you use canned crushed tomatoes? They look so red in the picture. If yes, how much quantity should we use?


    1. Mullai


      Yes, I've used canned tomatoes… but not the crushed one, I always buy canned whole tomatoes and crush them depending on the recipe. Bcos canned whole tomatoes comes with no chemicals added. If using crushed, then try to add 1 cup for this recipe.

  52. Anja

    Hey Mullai, thank you so much for this great site with all this wonderful recipes. I am a new member since about 2 days and I tried chicken biryani and chicken 65 on the first day it cames out fantastic. As a german girl who is going to marry a boy from tamil nadu in 4 months I dont know much about traditional cooking and your site is a very welcoming help for me. Thank you!!
    Have a nice day,

    1. Mullai

      Hi Anja, Congrats on your engagement and my Best Wishes for all success. Glad you liked my recipe collection, keep trying them and with no doubt.. you will become a pro.

  53. Anuradha Ramprasad

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried the chicken biriyani today. Iam a beginner in cooking, infact started only a month ago after my marriage. It really came well (from what i tasted!). thanks for your receipe. But a quick question, the amount of water and rice was kept as given by you, but the rice was a little sticky(not much), but it dint turn out to be like the one shown in the picture of your receipe. So i kept it in ‘Dum’ for a while(anyway it dint make a big difference!) just wanted to know…what is the secret for the rice being so seperated??
    Anuradha Ram.

    1. Mullai

      Sagi, there are so many varieties to choose from. Depends on your personal choice.

      My first choice would be Chicken or mutton kurma, boiled eggs and onion raita.

      Veg dishes like Mirch ka Salan, Ennai Kathirikkai, Andhra Gutti Vankaya Koora and Plain tomato kurma suits well. Sometimes Veg salna too.

      For side choose from Chicken 65, Gobi 65, Boiled eggs, Raita, Bhaji and fish fry.

      1. sagi

        hey mullai,
        thanks for your reply.
        can you pls post chicken kurma
        and veg salna recipe for me?
        i would like to try these with chicken
        briyani. thank you..

    2. Ayesha Shanaz

      Hi Mullai,

       I am big fan of ur website.There is lot of website but none drives us to make food like with interest like your website.

      I have my own method of making Briyani which comes out good.The only thing i am having problem is cooking rice alone separately ( not kulanchu as in tamil) and then mixing with the gravy.

      Please let me know how to cook the rice 80-90 % .What water proportion to use and how to identify it is 80-90 % cooked and anything else that you think might help us.Your response is appreciated

  54. Priya Krish

    Hiii Mullai madam… Ur recipes are just Smashing… I have tried many of ur recipes & even recommend my mom ;-)… Became interested in cooking just ‘coz of U…. Thank U loads…

    Tried this chicken biriyani last sunday… It came out very well… The taste is just Smashing.. My hubby loved it…

    Can u suggest me how to cook the biriyani in a Kadai?? Coz my pressure cooker & rice cooker are very small, so am not able to make the final cooking part with them. I did in kadai itself by, poured water & added the rice, But it was quiet sticky.. Do u have any advice???

    Once again Thanks a lot!!

    1. Mullai


      Biryani has to be cooked in a flat bottomed pan, cooking in a kadai won't work. Try adding less water, for every cup of rice use 1/2 cup yogurt+ 1 1/4 cup water. Once done, cover with aluminium foil and finish in the oven by cooking @ 400 F for 5 to 6 minutes. Cooking rice over the stove, in a regular pan is always a tricky issue, because it could vary depending on the vessels used and the quality of rice. So, you have to go with trial and error basis. Even if you master the skills, it would be confined to….. only in your kitchen and its hard to get the same taste and quality when cooked somewhere else with a different brand of rice and vessel. You must have seen those bai's making dum biryani for ceremonies….. they always use the right vessels to go with the proportion. Never compromise for a new vessels or variety, bcos they knew, slight change in (kalai), or brand of rice could end up in a disaster. Never attempted to cook this type yet, but figured that I need a sturdy flat bottomed aluminium pan, which unfortunately I don't have in my kitchen.

      1. Priya Krish

        Hii mullai madam…

        Thanks a lot for the response. Will try ur suggestions. Unfortunately I am not able to get a flat bottom vessel here.

        Just made Baingan bartha for dinner. Came out very well. Thanks for the recipe.

  55. Visitor

    Hi Mullai,

    can u please tell me how much time i need to cook the chicken,i meen aproximately how much time it will take to form a thick gravy.

  56. anup

    Hi mullai,

    I tried chicken briyani last week. it came out very well and the taste like in restaurant.
    i also made veg briyani too. taste was good but not spicy.
    thank you for sharing mouth watering recipes.

  57. Shyamasree

    Hi Mullai..
    I am ur fan!!! I have tried each recipe of urs and it has always turnd out jes great….Chicken Biriyani is my hubby’s personal fav…before stumbling across ur site, i had tried biriyani many times but it never could be like i wnted but u make cooking easy and us amateurs a better cook…Thank you so much! You ROCK!!!

  58. hima

    hi i tried ur chicken biryani….the taste was so good…….but it came bit pasty…i think the amount of water which u told was more …….bcz inc hicken itself some water will come and in tomato also water will come so i think for 1 cup of rice 1 cup water and half cup yougurt should be fine…..what do u think……

    1. Mullai


      With my pressure cooker, its always 1:2 ratio , as it works for me. Even with a rice cooker, I use the same quantity, less water makes more rice stick to the bottom, and sometimes it burns too. But if you find 1:1.5 works, then stick to it. Moreover, the gravy should not be watery, I usually fry them till its turns thick like a masala. So, the water released from chicken and tomatoes does not count much. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

  59. Prasidha Srinivasan

    Hai im prasidha,came across your chicken recipy. It was very simple to understand and was very east to identify the ingredents you have mentioned along with the pictures and measures you have prescirbed is perfect. Thank you for a good chicken briyani.

  60. Areena

    I definitely will try this recipe, but I have a small question.
    You show anis star, but you haven’t included it in the recipe. Do you use it or it’s just for decoration? 😉

    1. Mullai


      Picture shows star anise and jawa peppercorns , those are just optional whole masalas. Some are hard to find here, thats why I didn't mention in my recipe. Its OK to include them if you have.

  61. rani

    Hi Mullai…I saw the comments on this recipe so I’m planning to prepare this. I prepared chiken biryani last time but it came out just like paste :-)I came to know that i pour more water than required…So can i go thru u r formula which u gave there?

  62. Visitor

    Hi Mullai…Today i prepared u r veg biryani…It came out very well..Even my hubby ate quitely i mean he always thru comments on my dishes..Im very new to kitchen..I saw the viewers comments on chicken biryani so planning to prepare this with in 2 days..

    bye takecare…..

  63. Preethi

    What basmati rice do u use ?…bcoz generally for 1 cup basmati rice ppl use 1.5 cup of water. Iam not sure which is ideal. But when I used 2 cups of water it becomes sticky. I use tilda basmati rice. Plz suggest something.

    1. Mullai

      I use Royal Basmati rice, its available at Sams club. Most of my recipes are made using a rice cooker, for which 1:2 ratio works. You might also want to check the gravy consistancy which you use for rice preparation. Sometimes the rice becomes sticky if your gravy is too watery. Swad brand is also good. Haven’t tried with Tilda, i guess its bit expensive too.. Right???

    1. Mullai

      For every 1 cup of rice its 2 cups of water. For biryani preparation, use 1 1/2 cups water and 1/2 cup curd/yogurt. Irrespective of the proportion , its always 2 whistles for a good pressure cooker. Switch off after 2 whistles and let it cook in the steam for about 10 minutes. When all the steam releases, slowly remove the lid and add ghee. Let cool and then mix with a flat laddle without breaking the rice. Hope this helps.

  64. sathya


    My wife is a Brahmin and she has never cooked Chicken all thru her life.But she eats at Restaurants.

    I had bought chicken some 2 weeks back as we had a party but culdnt make it over.So it was lying in the refrigerator.

    One day she came up and said to me that she found your chicken biriyani receipe and she was going to make it for me.Beleive it or not it came out so well, that i didnt believe she was making the first time.

    Thanks to your receipe that helped my wife to pick cooking chicken also at home.

    Have a Good day


    1. Mullai

      Sathya iam really happy to hear this. My appreciation goes to Mrs. Sathya, for taking so much effort & intiative in making this dish. Thanks to both of you.  Happy Cooking!!!

    1. Mullai

      Hi Kaberi… Its almost the same preparation, instead of chicken you use your choice of vegies. I dont have veg briyani on my site, i shall post one. I do have mixed veg pulao, which you might want to try.

      1. kaberi

        hey mullai at last i tried your recipe and it came out so good and tasty .you are a wonderful cook.i added half tsp of cumin powder and sprinkle a little pepper powder.and really really good.thanks …keep on posting good and mouth watering recipes.

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