Chettinad Mutton Curry

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      Yes Elakkiya, is about 1kg mutton roughly… that much coriander will give thickness to the gravy and adds volume. If you are too skeptical use may be 4 tablespoons. Thanks and write me a feedback, Goodluck!

  1. Justina

    Hi there,

    What do you mean by cooking if for 3 whistles? Do you use the pressure cooking setting of meat setting on the instant pot? Also can you specify what simmering on the instant pot means? Like do you use the sauté button to simmer? Thank you in advance.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Justina,
      This recipe is using a pressure cooker and the count is for regular stovetop pressure cooker. If using an instant pot, you can use the pressure cook mode and give about 30 minutes for mature big cut meat. If using tender baby goat, give about 15 minutes under pressure cook mode and let the natural pressure release. The masala should be done under saute mode, cook meat with the masala switching to pressure cook mode and finally simmer to desired consistency. Hope this helps.Thanks

  2. Nirmala2502

    Dear Mullai, I am a new member to this site and I am amazed at your recipes and each one is so perfect and easy to make.

    I swear all your hardwork contributed in this site is worth and may god bless you for transforming all men and women into kitchen queens and kings .

    Excellent work and many thanks.

  3. naayagi

    Hi Mullai,

    All your recipes looks great! It makes me hungry. I like to make this chettinad mutton curry. I don’t have pressure cooker with me, Can i cook the same with electric rice cooker? Will it come well? I look forward to u’r reply.


    1. Mullai

      Naayagi, pressure cooking is a must for goat meat. But given the fact that you don't have one, only choice is time consuming crock pot version. Rice cooker doesn't work for this recipe. You can get one of these… they usually start from $20 price range, follow the recipe till pressure cooking, then transfer the content to crock pot and let it cook for 8 to 9 hours or till the meat tenderizes. Thanks.

        1. naayagi

          Thanks a lot for the receipes Mullai, I made idlies, and tried chicken briyani, attukal paya and chettinadu mutton curry  . Everything came well. mutton curry alone bit thick than i expected, but it was very tasty. I made idlies after an years time. Here it is very cold, so the rice flour never get fermented. This time i followed u'r method, it has come well. I made dosa also. I don't have words to express. Thanks very much. I feel like eating my mom's idli. i am longing to eat tasty food here. My mom cooks very well. I am missing her food here. This website and the recipes quoted  are excellent.

    1. Mullai

      GP, beef takes little longer to cook.. so adjust the whistle count according to quality of meat. Beef should work, try and let me know. Thanks.

  4. rajiselva

    I tried this item today. It has come good. The method of preparation given here is more or less same of what i used to prepare as mutton Kuzhambu. Oru chinna suggestion. In case if you are making as Kuzhambu, add peeled and cut potato along with mutton pieces in the pressure cooker. It will be very nice. Rajiselva

  5. prachi

    hi mullai,

    i am a gr8 fan of your website and have tried many of your dishes successfully.i need your answers to the following queries….

    1. can u tell how many gms./kilograms 2 lb chicken is?

    2. what is the hindi name of kapok buds,star anise and black stone flower?

    thanks in advance



    1. Mullai

      Prachi, all these topics have been already discussed under this site and pls use the search typing key words or read the comment section under respective recipes. Thanks.

  6. pooja

    HI mullai

    My hubby likes mutton a lot. but unfortunately i dont prepare it well and i tend to disappoint him. Yesterday i tried this recipe and surprised him . he told ” that this was the best home made mutton he had ever eaten “. it was really yummy. i cud get the smell of the hotel mutton.
    as i dint have jathipoo n kapok buds i dint utilise it. next time will try with this.
    thanx a lot for posting this !

    1. Mullai

      Deepa, you can use fresh grated too provided you dry fry over tawa until slightly browned. Dried coconut has got an earthy flavour… fresh coconut will give you regular kurma kind of flavour. Hope you got my point and good luck.

  7. kaviarun

    Mullai, made it yesterday……i got very rich taste…we enjoyed a lottttttttttttttt….thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  8. sonia

    Hello Mullai,
    I tried it recipe with lamb & it was very delicious though I had to cook for an extra time.Thank you very much for sharing.


  9. S.Priya

    Awesome.. kari varutha sadham ithu yenga veetulayum nadakum, even for prawns fry..oru world war nadakum..nabaga paduthutinga..will try this superb dish very soon..really tempting a lot..

  10. kaviarun

    Awesome!!!!! hooooooooooo definitely will try soon….thank u so much for this authentic recipe…..whistle adikkanum pola irukku…

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