Chettinad Mushroom Masala (காளான் கறி)

Written by Mullai

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  1. Deepika Thiluk

    I tried this today.. But it is not like a restaurant style recipe.. Btw mushroom didn’t sink with chettinadu style m, so folks think twice before you try!

  2. Madhu-desimejwani

    OMG they absolutely look scrumptious. it just made me hungry at its first sight :) Whenever we visit Tamil Nadu, we never failed to order this dish:) Thanks for sharing recipe. Will definitely try it out 🙂

  3. rati

    your recipes are good everytime. can you tell me where i must have went wrong in this, it tasted little bitter. would appreciate your reply..i want to try it .have followed your procedure

    1. Mullai

      Thanks Rati, to avoid bitterness try using small onions, big ones tend to be very strong. If using big onions you need fry them little longer, also if you roast the dry masala for long time it may have a burnt smell which could also be a reason. Other than that I dont see anything which can cause bitterness, try again and let me know! Thanks for your feedback!

  4. vino

    Hi mam.. Am a gr8 fan of urs..tried few of ur dishes turned out to be sooo gud.. Today am gonna try this.. I hav few queries.. Can i use canned mushroom in this?? I don knw how to use canned mushroom.. Pls help me out.. In this recipe wen shuld i add it?? Am in dubai so here poppy seeds r banned..can i substitute it with cashews or anything else?? Can i use fresh coconut bcos i don find desicated one here..?? Pls reply mam.. Thanks in advance..

    1. Mullai

      Fresh mushrooms are always better than canned. I personally on’t like canned mushrooms which has rubbery texture & is flavorless. If you still prefer then add after making the gravy and simmer for few minutes. You may use cashews instead of poppy seeds and fry the fresh coconut in a tawa for few minutes and then proceed to substitute for dry coconut. Goodluck!

  5. jaishree

    Recipe is awesome. i had this recipe recipe in bangalore at Chettiars . thanks for sharing it . quick question the ingredients which u have shared in ingredient1 is a chettinad garam masala or wht ? do u also use this masala in other chettinad recipes ?

    1. Mullai

      Thans Jaishree, well I use this chettinad masala only for gravy type chettinad dishes. You may use this for chicken, shrimp or veggie(mixed vegetable, potato, mushroom, peas) gravies. Hope this helps, thanks.

  6. shan

    awesum! i did this gravy n it really came out delicious!!!! wonderful recipe…. the taste,aroma,evrythn was perfect i wud say tis is the best out of mushroom we can do thnk!!!

  7. Vishnupriya

    Hi Mullai Mam, just made this dish as a side dish for my parattas, It was simply delicious, everybody in our family liked it, super, Thanks a lot for posting this recipe.

  8. krithika

    hi, i have tried this receipe but it was bitter..i didnt burn the dish..will the onion paste turn the dish bitter? please help me

  9. Akash

    I came to know about this website from my friend today and this is great and collection of wonderful recipes.

    mouthwatering mushroom recipe ,me and my roommates like to make this curry in this weekend.we have 2 doubts.

    //can you give gram measures of tomato used in this recipe? or else can u give cup measurement for tomatopuree for this recipe,from that we will come to know howmuch we have to use.//

    This will be very helpful for us because when we make cooking everytime,we will add tomato less or more and it changes taste.

    //if we dry grated coconut, howmany teaspoons we can add.//

    Hope we will get help from u and looking for your reply.


    1. Mullai

      Hi Akash,
      You may use about 1 and 1/2 Tbsp chopped tomatoes and 3 tsp of grated coconut for this recipe. If using tomato puree then go ahead and use about 3 Tbsp of it. Hope this helps, goodluck with the preparation.

  10. Harish

    Hello Ms. Mullai, Thanks for your great recipes. I tried Chettinad Mushroom Curry and it turned to be crowd pleaser and taste was authentic. Many thanks to you. Please keep up your good work going.

  11. rums

    Awesome recipe Mullai. I just dished this up with Meijer sliced mushrooms. AMAZING! If I’m ever in the mood for Chettinad Cuisine, your site is the only place I stop by. I’ve tried your Biryani and Pepper chicken too, both of which were amazingly authentic. I couldn’t believe myself that I’d cooked something that tasted like it was ordered from Anjappar or Ponnuswamy! Thanks for the wonderful recipes, the Chettinad Mushroom Masala has turned out kick ass awesome 🙂

  12. Rama1

    I like this recipe very much. I’m planning to make this for 12 persons, so it would be great if you let me how many does the above quantiy serve?

  13. shivani27

    Hi Mullai Ma'am…I tried this dish and it came out really well.!!….

    Your site is really superb and am addicted to ur site like anything…You are doing a gr8 job..!!

  14. sudha.dilip

    Mullai.. I tried it last night.. It turned out excellent !! My hubby too liked it a lot.. thank u so much.. Now i jus luv Mushroom…:-)

  15. sudha.dilip

    Hi Mullai,
    I ve never tasted or cooked mushrooms before.. Ippo unga site irukara thairiyathula i ve bought home a pack of mushrooms.. gonna try this dish for dinner tonight.. with Chapathi.. will tell u tomo abt how it came out.. Thanks a lot for this amazing website.. enna mathiri newly married gals living abroad will really appreciate this site..its guiding us like mom..

  16. Aarthisuresh

    Dear friend Mullai,
    I tried chettinad mushroom masala was really really gud and awesome…thankyou so much for this yummy recipe….takecare.

  17. narmada.naren

    Hi mullai,
    I am new to this site and new to cooking too.. can you tell me how many people will this measure serve for dinner with parota

  18. gowher

    Hi Mullai, I am going to try this today. One small confirmation, should we need to remove the stem of the mushrooms? or will they work? Thanks in advance. gowher

  19. poornimaduraiswamy

    Hai mullai….

    Thank u for ur web site….
    I decide what to cook daily only seeing ur website…
    Thank u soooooooooooooooooooo Much

  20. nithyak

    hey mullai
    i tried this and nalla vandhirukku pa.. different than the usual masala/curries.. thanks for the recipe.. mean time i adjusted the qty of dhaniya seeds – korachu poten… according to my taste

    1. Mullai

      Hi Shiva, it depends on how you wish to have the consitency. Tomatoes and salt should be suffiecient to cook the mushroom and with my recipe, the consitency will be a thick gravy. But its ok to add 1/2 cup water to make the consitency thin. Thick masala suits as a side for rice and thin gravy suits for roti and paratha.

  21. Abhi Muthu

    I tried chettinad mushroom today. It came out good, but it was slightly bitter. The reason is I think I added more poppy seeds and the poppy seeds did not grind properly in the blender.
    But overall it is good.
    Next time I will correct the quantity.
    Thanks again.

  22. Abhi Muthu

    The picture is so tempting that I cant wait to try this recipe(Chettinad mushroom) I will try and let you know. Thank you for all your posting. I am a fan of your website.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Abi,

      This shot didn't come that perfect, out of focus… as I took while it was steaming hot and thats why it looks blurred. But hope you would enjoy the dish, seems you have posted many comments under member categories. Appreciate all your feedbacks… a big motivation factor for all members. Thanks!!

      1. Abhi Muthu


        Thank you for your response. Idhuve nalla picture illa solreenga appo real picture a kaattinaa thaanga maaten.. hihih..
        I got mushrooms yesterday will try tomorrow. Mullai seriously, you and your members are doing a good job.
        keep your good work and I love to see ur presentation..

  23. Anja

    Dear Mullai, I wanted to prepare this dish a few days ago, but when I went for shopping, no one knew the kalpasi/black stone flower. I tried in different indian stores, and when I called up my fiances mom in india, she didnt know either. Is there a special tamil name for the black stone flower?

    1. Mullai

      Anja, these are sometimes quite hard to get here. Grocers don't go by the English or tamil name, ask for Pathar ka phool (hindi term), may be… that might help. Only tamil name, which I know is, Kalpasi, nowadays all stores carry them, but for sure "Naattu Marunthu Kadaigal" will have them. Good luck.

  24. lakshmipriya

    hai mullai,
    Today i tried this recipe
    it came out well..
    i tried lot of recipes for mushroom
    but this is the best one
    thanks for u’r recipe….


    Dear Mullai,
    On my vacation, I prepared your recipe pepper chicken curry instead of “chicken” I used “mushrooms’,really it was superb, everyone liked it very much .

  26. karthikshan

    Hi Mullai,

    Thanx for this wonderful recipe. The recipe came out very well and am going to serve it with chapathi…..Thanx a lot again.


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