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  1. Mullai

    Hello Ramya,
    Guess this is what you were looking for. Try using warm water for kneading, it will help to yield soft chapatis. Applying little ghee on after frying also helps. Thanks.
    Also kindly use the search and post under respective category for better feedback. Goodluck with your cooking ventures.

  2. visitor

    Hi I make chapathies without adding oil….instead I use really hot water(even warm is fine ) to knead the dough and leave it for 1 hour…Then I make chapathies with this (the same process u mentioned , but without no oil). It comes out really soft and fluffy..and healthy too…

  3. Vaishali

    Hi Mullai,
    Thanks for all ur recipes!
    I really like ur recipes, they come out really good. Snaps help a lot. I like to eat chapatis everyday so after searching long time for good aata, now I got to know Sujata Brand Whole Wheat Aata is really good. I take equal proportions of water and milk, mix it and microwave it for 1 minute, and immediately use it for making dough. If you keep the dough 1 hr in refrigerator and then knead it a little bit, make balls, make it of shape of puri and then fold it twice and then make it round; it comes out really good.

  4. Suganswami

    Hi Mullai,

    Yesterday I made chapati. This time I got the softness back. Just made 5,6… Keep looking at the softness without eating.


  5. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai…. Hi after a long time indeed..Looks like the site is rocking with too many new comers,new Recipes and above all many new updations.Site looks very good..Credit goes to both of u.After coming to India,I am occupied with too many things apart from cooking(heehee.)Hope I don't tend to forget cooking.Anyway's finding soemtime to log in to c the new postings and comments..Shall get back when time permits..Chappathi presentation is tooo good…


    Radha Arvindh 

    1. Mullai


       Yeah, its been a while since you replied. Yep, we are working on some new features and including it one by one whenever time permits. Hope you like our new look. Ok catch you again with a new post.

  6. Suganswami

    Hi Mullai,

    Thank you very much for the chapati tips. Pls try to post the recipe of khoya with powdered mawa which will be easier.

  7. Suganswami

    Hi Mullai,

    I make it the same way, i.e, flipping two times. I don’t know, nowadays, it’s coming out hard. I see a very appreciable perfection in your job. Too good: photos, recipe… everything. Keep going!

    I asked a doubt(using of powdered mawa) about making chandrakala. Waited for your answer and gave it a try. It didn’t work out. Does it usually happen that you don’t get to see the comments after some days of posting the recipe? Is it comfortable for you if I ask a doubt for an older recipe in the page of a latest one? Just recently started looking at the cooking blogs. So, no idea. Can you let me know? Thanks.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Sugan,

       Actually I would answer if its relevant to the topic, but sometimes when there's too many, a few gets out of my sight. Anyway sorry for missing yours. Actually powedered mawa won't work, its has to be combined with evaporated milk to make khoya. But at the moment I dont have the recipe, got to try it myself before posting it here.

       About chapati… some suggest to knead with warm water to get soft ones. Try if this works for you. Cooking directly over open flame will tend to remain soft, but unfortunately I'm blessed with electric range in my house and there's no way to show the procedure.

      Normally woudn't miss any questions posted and incase if its not answered, pls post it again. thanks for visiting.

  8. Sameera

    Hi Mullai,

    New to ur blog..Nice to see ur Chapathi making snaps and the end product. I’m sure it’ll be as tasty as it looks. I always make chapathis with hot water( learnt from my mom) , which makes the chapathi to remain soft even after few hours. As my hubby is very health conscious I avoid the oil also…

    Great going!!!

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