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Avocado Chutney Recipe – Avocado Pachadi


Avocados don’t just taste great but they also come with a decent amount of health benefits.  This fruit is high in healthy monounsaturated fats and is a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. There are many ways to bite, nibble, and spoon up this great fruit. Here is one way to serve this yummy fruit . . . → Read More: Avocado Chutney Recipe – Avocado Pachadi

Cornflakes Mixture – Healthy Version


Snacking is an effective way to stave off hunger and lose weight. Just have to make sure that we munch on something  which is both nourishing and satisfying. Here’s one easy and tasty snack which you can enjoy anytime of the day.  This is one Cerealously awesome snack which is pretty addicting, so be . . . → Read More: Cornflakes Mixture – Healthy Version

Quinoa Idli and Dosai


Quinoa pronounced as Keen-wa /Kin-wa is grain like seed which is packed with nutrition. I’ve been trying to incorporate this in our Indian cooking and found Idlis are the best way to introduce this new grain.  Its quite mild when made this way and doesn’t interfere much with the taste.  You can gradually adjust . . . → Read More: Quinoa Idli and Dosai

Indo-Chinese Ginger Chicken


This is one classic example of Indo-Chinese  dish which can be savored as an appetizer or served as a side for fried rice and noodles as well. I have always been a great lover of Indo-Chinese food and this one is my favorite.

Ginger Chicken / Indo-Chinese Chicken / Spicy chicken /


Ingredients 4 . . . → Read More: Indo-Chinese Ginger Chicken

Schezwan Spaghetti


 A simple Indo-Chinese- Italian fusion dish which can be whipped up in minutes to jazz up your weekend dinners. I’ve used Chings brand All-in -one and Schezwan  sauce.

Schezwan Pasta / Sichuan Pasta / Szechuan Pasta / Indo- Chinese / Fusion / Italian / Pasta




Ingredients 1/2 pack Spaghetti 1 no . . . → Read More: Schezwan Spaghetti

Work Lunch Box 1 – Make-Ahead Lunch Wraps


Whew,  Its Monday already??? I know how the weekend flies by and we all carry this pathetic face on those monday mornings, struggling to fix multiple things. This simple healthy make-ahead lunch-wraps are  perfect for those kind of days!!  These are perfect to go wraps for work or school lunches, as they stay good . . . → Read More: Work Lunch Box 1 – Make-Ahead Lunch Wraps

Collard Greens Poriyal


Do you crave for more green leafy vegetables and in the lookout for some new varieties to try?  Then, this recipe is for you!!  Have you tried Collard greens lately??   Never expect any Oohs and aahs,  they are definitely bitter with distinctive taste and tough texture, similar to Drumbstick leaves.  If you can . . . → Read More: Collard Greens Poriyal

Vegetable Oats Upma


Simple healthy breakfast with loads of colourful vegetables.  Regular oats with milk  can be very boring sometimes, that too when you are in a big crave for spicy start.  This version of oats upma could be one good recipe for those days, little lengthy procedure but is a one pot complete meal. Very . . . → Read More: Vegetable Oats Upma

Chilli Chicken Recipe (Restaurant Style) I சில்லி சிக்கன்

No introduction needed for this item, just gather the ingredients, grab your pots and pans and start cooking……….. enjoy the feast !!

Chilli Chicken / Chili Chicken / Chinese Chili chicken / Fusion Chili Chicken / Spicy Chili chicken / Restaurant Chili Chicken / Appetizer / சிக்கன் / சில்லி சிக்கன் / Indo- Chinese

. . . → Read More: Chilli Chicken Recipe (Restaurant Style) I சில்லி சிக்கன்

Garlic bread

A wonderful recipe for breakfast! Kids will love them!! . . . → Read More: Garlic bread

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