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Kovil Puliyodharai – Temple Style Tamarind Rice Recipe


Puliyodharai is a South Indian rice preparation, a mainstay in most Indian festival luncheons and dinners. It is also offered as prasadams in temples.  Prasadam (a Sanskrit word) is food that has first been offered to God prepared by the temple priests in the temple Madapalli (Temple kitchen). Thiru madapalli is traditionally the kitchen in . . . → Read More: Kovil Puliyodharai – Temple Style Tamarind Rice Recipe

Sakkarai Pongal

Traditional South Indian sweet rice porridge prepared during the harvest festival called Pongal / Sankranthi. In villages freshly harvested rice is cooked with jaggery and dal in clay earthenware pots and offered to God along with vegetables, lentils, sugarcane and fruits. This is also prepared as neivedyam or prasadam during other auspicious occasions and festivals.

. . . → Read More: Sakkarai Pongal

Kadalai Urundai


There are a few moments in our life when we are truly and completely happy.  Simple pleasures , innocent feelings, good old days.. What pops in your mind?? Verkadalai urundai is one street side snack which reminds me of those kind of happy days. This is the treat most of us must have enjoyed . . . → Read More: Kadalai Urundai


This is one of my favourite item. I like my mom's style preparation the most. I feel Grands, Surya or Krishna Sweets for that matter doesnt match this taste. This preparation does not require ripe banana in the recipe. This is an traditional home preparation, going by my great grand mom's instructions.


. . . → Read More: Appam

Hotel Chutney (White)

For any good looking and tasting chutney, fresh ingredients are a must and its 100% true in the case of  Coconut Chutney varieties. Hotel chutney doesn't have any special magic ingredients except its made attractive with tricky presentations and prepared with right proportions. That doesn't mean we don't make good chutneys at home… its all our mind set and few more other aspects makes it more attractive. 

1. Timing – Served when you're really hungry and longing for some thing perfect.

. . . → Read More: Hotel Chutney (White)

Hotel Chutney (Red)

No matter how much or what kind made at home, we all drool over a scoop of that Hotel Chutney. There's been a request for this item for a long time under our site, Yeah that's for white chutney.. which will be making its way soon, meanwhile enjoy this red version of hotel chutney. This chutney looks orangish red and mostly served with idli or dosai. Raw version of this chutney is served with bhajis and bondas.

Hotel Chutney / Tomato chutney/ Onion Chutney / Kaara Chutney / Restaurant style / Sigappu chutney / Red Chutney

. . . → Read More: Hotel Chutney (Red)

spongy paniyaram

Paniyaram it is a very famous dish of chettinad. i tried paniyaram with appam dough. just try out it is easy. kids will love it. . . . → Read More: spongy paniyaram

Paal Payasam

Paal payasam is all time favorite for all of us….We can say it as special occasion dessert….MY style of making is tamilnadu style….i got this idea from a cook who cooks for marriages….just have a look . . . → Read More: Paal Payasam

Tiffin sambar

Tiffin sambar – usually served with Idli, mini idli, dosai, Rava dosai, Pongal, vadai.

Tiffin sambar/ Idli sambar/ Vengaya sambar/ Onion sambar/ Restaurant style sambar

. . . → Read More: Tiffin sambar


Olaiappam , sweet appam a authentic breakfast in TamilNadu…its a steamed version of appam..can be a snack also.. . . . → Read More: Olaiappam

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