Capsicum Pulao


Coconut flavoured rice sauteed with green capsicum.

Bell pepper Pulav / Capsicum Pulav / Green Bell Pepper Pulao

10 nos Curry leaves
¼ tsp Cumin seeds
¼ tsp Fennel seeds (perum serakam)
2 nos Cinnamon stick (small)
3 nos Cloves
2 nos Cardamom
2 nos Bay leaf
3 nos Green chili (slit open)
1 cup Basmati rice
2 nos Onion (cut lengthwise thinly)
1 no Capsicum(cubed)
4 clove Garlic (crushed)
1 cup Coconut milk (dilute)
1 cup Water
6 nos Cashews
1 tsp Ghee
3 tsp Oil
1 tsp Salt (or to taste)


Heat oil in pan and sizzle the bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Add the onions, green chilies and garlic. Saute this till it turns translucent and switch off. Meanwhile wash rice and soak for 10 minutes in equal portion of water and coconut milk. Add the sauteed onion mixture along with salt and cook this in a rice cooker. When done, let it cool for some time by either spreading over a plate or wide bowl. Now using the same saute pan, heat ghee and splutter cumin seeds, fennel seeds, broken cashews and  curry leaves. Now add the chopped capsicum/ green bell pepper and fry for few minutes. Do not over cook they will become vey mushy, saute to coat oil and slight browning. Switch off and add this to the cooked rice and mix gently. Serve hot with choice of gravy, boiled eggs and raita.


This serves 2 people (approx).

Coconut milk can be substituted with yogurt.

Green colour Bell pepper suits well for this recipe as theya re lightly firm when compared to other varieties. Its also ok to try with other varieties, mixed peppers works too.

Basmati used ~~~~ Royal Brand from Sams club. Soaking time : 10 minutes. Ratio 1cup rice : 2 cups liquid, in this recipe for 1 cup rice its 1 cup coconut milk and 1 cup water.

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43 comments to Capsicum Pulao

  • nihithya

    Dear Mullai,

    I tried this today and It tastes great !!!you are simply superb…Your recipies always do wonders..


  • ambigasrk

    Hi Mullai,
    I am going to try this recipe today. What would be a good side dish for this? Will ‘Gunti vankaya koora ” go with this???

  • Kritiga

    hi mam, I wish to try this but this is first time i am going to prepare a dish with capsicum.I have a doubt that should we add the white seeds that's inside capsicum while finely chopping them or just the outer layer.

  • priya vel

    Hi Mullai, I recently joined your website n have tried a couple of your receipes. They came out so well, my hubby especially loves the Chettinad Chicken. Today I tried out this pulao, my 1.5 yr old kid never eats anything except paruppu sadam n curd rice. To my surprise, she liked this pulao and she had it for lunch. I am so happy.. Thanks a lot, Mullai for the nice dish.

  • jasna

    hi mullai,

    i use microwave only for cooking rice ,so can u pls gimme some tips on how to cook this pulao in a oven..also u said yogurt can substitute coconut ,is d quantity still d same like water & coconut ratio?

  • Ron

    Hi mullai akka,

    This recipe of urs waz a major hit in my house..
    We are expecting a couple for dinner this weekend..My husband is hooked to ur capscicum to make that for the dinner..

    I hav a doubt..will chicken manchurian do as a gud side dish..also iam planning for roti and panner peas masala..

    Will this do..since we are havng a guest for the first time..iam qite tensed..plz kindly help..wth ur suggestions..


    • Mullai

      Ron, make it spicy… are you planning to make it dry??? For this pulav  any spicy gravy will suit so decide accordingly.

      • Ron


        Many Thanks for the reply……..Smile

         I hav never done anything out of ur mentioned procedure..For me ur measure and cooking procedure works wonders..I dont want to mess up..

        I am gng to make the manchrian as you hav mentioned..probably a liitle spicy..

        Will definitely let u knw..abt my end result..

        Thanks a lot again..


  • lovespiceindiaonline

    Hi Mullai, I made this dish yesterday for my husband, he liked it. It was yummy and kids liked too. Thanks.

  • Indhumati

    hi mullai,

    i tried this rice today,it came good.

  • gowher

    Looks Yummy…will try it for dinner today.
    Thanks alot in advance….

  • vijayalakshmi mahalingam

    hi mullai,i tried this came out well but, i didn’t add coconut milk.

  • Priya Swaminathan

    Today I tried this with Pepper Chicken Curry. The combo was awesome!!!! My husband and I both liked it very much. Thanks Mullai for a wonderful recipe.

  • DEEPu

    Hi mullai,

    i prepared this rice for lunch with pepper chicken wat u recommened… oh! it was awesome.. i took it as my breakfast.. its very tasty… i used red and green bell pepper… i feel more spicy.. i dont know y?

    thanks for this wonderful recipe


  • DEEPu

    Hi mullai, am going to prepare this rice for tom lunch… can i add mint  leaves along with capsicum. Let me know nice side dish for this rice..



  • ramthy99

    tried this out today…definitely a great recipe…my kids loved it especially my son…..he is not a big fan of pulao….


  • archana2205

    hey …
    Tried it out today.. came out really well.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  • Vijitha

    Hi Mullai. Will this Royal Brand taste and smell(nice aroma)exactly like Tilda? VIJI

    • Mullai

      I wouldn't compare it to Tilda, aroma is average and same as Swad brand.

      • Vijitha

        OK Mullai. Thanks for your reply. Will try this brand and try this recipe too. Let you know for sure. I'm very sure we will like this. VIJI

      • gayu1981

        Dear Mullai


        I am a regular visitor of your site and i have tried a couple of recipes (kadai paneer) and Tomato rice. They were wonderful.

         I have a question. Which rice cooker do you use? i mean the "brand"? I have "aroma" brand. it gives me lot of problem.btw  i also use 'royal' basmati from sams club.

        rice is getting stuck to the base and burnt for one lower layer every time  despite with all  right proportions of would be of such a great help if you could give me some tips to avoid this or suggest the brand of rice cooker you are using!


        thanks a bunch:-)


        • Mullai


          No matter what cooker you use ,a couple of tsp of rice will be stuck to the bottom every time.  Lower part of the rice will look brown but not burnt. If its too much then water proportion is not right, which most of time will work, if not trying adding little more. I use Panasonic non stick rice cooker, which I bought online 5 years back and still works fine. Here's the link

        • abhimuthu


          I am using aroma non stick 4 cup rice cooker. I have been using this for 5 years without any problem. What I do to avoid sticking rice is as soon as the cooker goes to warm (that is after rice is cooked for 10 minutes) I unplug the cord. This way I dont see a crispy brown layer of rice at the bottom. If your cooker is not non stick then try to unplug the cord a minute before it is done so that you wont see lot of wastage. I use 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice. Hope this helps.


  • Deepa V Kumar

    hi mullai,

    I tried this today .. it came out delicious…but the rice was slightly stick / starchy…i did cook it lemon juice , oil and salt…what can i serve as a side dish ? i made some cucumber raitha …

  • jlakshmi

    Hi Mullai

    I tried this today for dinner, my family yet to taste, but I could see that , it came out really well. I just cooked a bit more on the bell peppers , as my kids might take them out… I also added te yellow and red bell peppers too.. Instead of coconut milk I added yogurt, I just tasted a bit.. Yummy !!! Hipip Horray for Mullai.

    Mu side dish for this is Chicken Salna ( recipe from here) and Raidha..

    Jaya Lakshmi

  • abhimuthu

    A suggestion if you dont mind.
    Would it be possible to add this capcicum pulao in rice delights as well if it sounds appropriate to you? Since I know you had this nice pulao and was searching in rice delights to make this WE, but later I found using search.
    Thank you.

  • shan

    Dear Mullai, I tried this Pulao simply superb ! It tastes great !!!


  • preethi sathya

    looks very delicious….

  • teddy12y

    hi tried it…really good….something different :)

  • Jas

    Hi Mullai, Would appreciate if you brief the number of whistles required for the rice to cook. Coz it might become over cooked or under cooked when the timing isn’t right. Thanks for the posting. It is a different recipe and would like to try it sometime this week.

    • Mullai

      Normally I would allow 2 whistles and switch off. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then when pressure completely releases, open and mix gently.

      • Jas

        I really appreciate your patience in replying to our queries. You are doing a good job Mullai. Keep it up. Hope your household should be putting on weight due to your delicious cooking…….


  • Suganswami

    Hi Mullai, I’ve prepared capsicum pulao without adding coconut milk. Looks like a delicious variation.. will try the next time…

  • shan

    Wow ! Superb !!! Will give it a try and let you know the outcome…

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