Brown Rice Dosai

Brown Rice Dosai

Written by Mullai

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  1. SathyaPrabhu

    Hi Mullai, Thanks for all your excellent recipes. I have a question for you. Can I try this recipe using tradional Brown rice which is smaller and thicker? This one I have a 20LB bag got from Chinese grocery. I dont have Brown Basmati rice at home. Thanks.

  2. Selvi Subramanian

    Thanks Mullai V bought this rice for health reasons but after cooking this v couldnt eat I tried for one time only & kept aside This recipe will b very much helpful for me to empty the remaining rice Regards Selvi

  3. sdonthy

    Hi Mullai,


    I came to know from one of my friend that you can cook brown rice very softly by using Aroma rice cooker. If you read the article by using above URL you will get an idea.


  4. Visitor


    Excellent idea to use brown rice in dosa. Btw, since I’m also a tamilian, did you try all varieties of brown rice with sambhar or rasam? Try the Brown Rice option in Sanyo D100S rice cooker or the Zojirushi VBC18 rice cooker.

    Keep in mind that you can get more nutrients out of brown rice by soaking it for more than 12 hours. By this method, sprouts appear in the brown rice which is very healthy. It is called GABA Brown rice. Google it.

    Thanks and let me know whether you found a specific variety of brown rice that is a perfect match for sambhar or rasam. 🙂


  5. aniethamaniezhilan

    hi mullai,

    great job, i tried it yesterday came out very well,my hubby liked it,and he is a health conscious guy,so thank u so much,i wish u should continue to help people like us.

    regards aniethamaniezhilan

  6. aniethamaniezhilan

    hi mullai, wow i cant hide my surprise,b'coz my husband just told me to find recipes with brown rice. Opened ur site and got a very gud recipe of brown rice dosa ,definitely iam going to try this ,thank u so much. regards anietha

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