Broccoli Raitha

Written by m.viji

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  1. m.viji

    Thank u anitha. i also find Broccoli is good when eat raw or 1/4 boiled.I'll try the salad as per ur steps. We can gain more & more nutrients when we've broccoli in our meal.It has wonderfull vitamins..

  2. anithashankar

    Good recipe viji. Also as a side note, I ate broccoli salad at fresh choice salad bar chains and I it was really delicious. I asked for the recipe and was told that , broccoli florets were choped coarsely and mixed with mayo,red onions and sweet raisins. The salad was really awesome ,broccoli tastes better when eaten raw, with rasins’s sweetness overpowering broccoli’s unpleasant taste.

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