Brinjal Prawn Masala

Written by Vijitha

I'm Vijitha. When i entered cooking world, i know only few recipes. Now i'm pretty good in experimenting new recipes.


  1. Manoo

    This is my favourite… Amma used to make every other day for me :):):) Prawn & Brinjal is one of the popular food in our place… Looks good…

    1. Vijitha

      Manoo just tell me one recipe which your mom don't know , how to make..lucky girl to get variety dishes everyday.. Hmm.. good ma.. VIJI

      1. Manoo

        We are SAPATTU rama family. What do you expect… He he… Me seafood lover. Vege means I luv brinjal fry the most. Actually all three meals i used to eat brinjal sauted in gingelly oil. Amma makes ALL curries in big vessels & rice in a very small vessel. 2 -3 kgs seafood for a meal. 1 kg rice enough for 4 days for 7 – 8 ppl…. daily 4 – 5 dishes irukkum…So amma had to cook varieties (although we dont ask her – hak hak). But you kno what, Amma was beating up & feeding me veges till my 12th standard… what to do my BP raises to 160/200 when i see veges….

      2. Manoo

        i was very skinny pa.. under weight…so she tried to feed me all the time… Anyways appa born in 6 bros family all were sportsmen. Eppdi sapuduvanga… Amma said she fainted to see the dishes in appa's hse the first time.. she was vegetarian.. ha ha…

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