Brinjal Curry

Written by Mullai

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  1. deepthy

    deepthy rock

    Hai Mullai tried this recipe last week it was very good and excellent side dish combination for dal curries.thank u.

  2. Latha

    Hi Mrs Mullai, Tried this recipe yesterday for dinner,it was very very good,my husband doesn't like brinjals much,but he finished the whole bowl.thank you so much.

  3. karthikshan

    Hi mullai,

    I tried this recipe and tasted it and came right away to your website to give comments…excellent recipe came out superb. Thanx for this wonderful website.

  4. Mullai

    Hi visitor from Australia, kindly register or use a name. Here in this recipe, I have used small Indian brinjals. If you get Chinese Eggplant(small banana like brinjals), use 2. Do not use the big one(which looks like papaya), they taste very sour, doesn’t suit our Indian preparations. Any colour is fine, purple, green, pink or white, we get all these varieties here in USA.

  5. Visitor

    Hi Mullai,
    what size of brinjals are you using for this recipe – in Australia we get ones about the size of small bananas or bigger size that is like a papaya! Would love to try your recipe if you could give me a rough weight guide.

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