Brinjal Fry

Written by Mullai

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  1. Mullai

    Dear Vani & Sri,
    Small tender brinjals cook within 8- 10 minutes, larger one’s take 15 minutes over low medium flame. Whenever making stuffed brinjals, try not to stir often or atleast mix gently. Also sprinkle some water to cook them thoroughly, too much of it will also make them mushy so add little at a time. Sometimes matured brinjals turn bitter and tough, better to buy fresh and cook the same day. Thanks.


    i love brinjal, but as sri said earlier i always end up with bad output 🙁
    dont know where i am going wrong…
    i tried this but the powders stuffed inside the brinjals didn’t cook well …
    could you guess where it went wrong..

  3. sri

    Hello There,
    Whenever I try any recipe using brinjal, I don’t seem to get the brinjal cooked properly. Sometimes I even fry or cook in low heat for 20 minutes, still the brinjal is edible, what am I doing wrong?

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