Bread Sandwich

Written by taste buds


  1. Manoo

    I remember moms sandwich now… she puts more cheese so we eat vegetables.. you know right how we are fond of veges :P:P:P

    P.S: Boiled potato not fattening.. If you check the calories of mashed potato and coleslaw in kfc.. mashed potato is 50 something while coleslaw is 200…. tats all coz of mayo i guess… but its tempting right.. who can stop it…

  2. Manoo
    • You can spread "Mint Chutney" too instead of mayo & sauce.. It also tastes good…
    • This how mom makes sandwich.. She boils potatoes, smash it, add some pepper – salt – ginger syrup (saaru) and make as round patti… Toast it in thosai kallu or oven…. keep it with vegetables… For thosai kallu you need to spread a little oil…. so not fattening… can have it…. :D:D:D You would like it….
    • You can use salad dressings too for different taste….
    • Cheese spread can be used too…But fattening :(:(:(

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