Besan Ladoo

Written by lajo



    Hi jas,
    I dont understand where it went wrong, I prepared with same measurement and the result u can see in th picture. Regarding ghee half cup is more ,bcoz first I took half cup little by little only i added when good aroma started coming i stopped adding ghee,as I THOUGHT if more added it will burn,so in ingre also i mentioned less than half cup
    Actually besan is a good binding agent,anyway milk added also no problem bcoz like rava ladoo i add milk to form ladoo.
    Thank you jas for ur valuble comments it makes me to improve my cooking. Try other recipes and give ur suggestions

  2. jas

    Hai latha,
    I went thro’ this receipe and tried it at home. It did’nt turn out good. I could’nt make the ladoos’s as the sugar and ghee content is not right i guess. So finally, i added some milk to it and made ladoos. Anyways, thanks alot for this dish. All the best!


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