Baked Eggs

Written by Mullai

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  1. Gauri

    I have been looking for a baked egg recipe since so long! Bookmarked it 🙂 Glad to have come across your space! DO visit mine too :

  2. Sugi7

    Looks so nice & easy, a different way to serve eggs to kids! I'm going to give it a try tomorrow itself Mullai. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. Ore oru Ques: Muffin pan use pannaalum, tray-la thanni pottu vaithu bake pannanumaa? Illai, directa oven-il vaikkalamaa Mullai?!

      1. Sugi7

        Thanks so much for your reply Mullai.  I made this yesterday even before I checked your reply. So I filled a big cookie sheet/tray with water and placed the muffin pan in it & it came out good. This morning I have logged into give feedback and saw your reply. Ok, next time I will try just the muffin pan alone as you have mentioned. Thanks Mullai for your quick reply.

        Ok, it's now feedback time! : ) when I tried it y'day morning, it turned out as a huge hit Mullai. Both my kids loved them! They again wanted it for evening snack! So I promised that I will make it for break-fast again today! Smile 

        Thanks for sharing such an easy & kids friendly recipe Mullai!

  3. venila

    Hi Mullai, today is a holiday…i happened to peek into your site and this baked egg looks anybody out there can make one for me…;-)

    1. Mullai

      BB, its 30 minutes. No matter how many you're making.. its still the same. Normally small muffin pan would make 6, so if you have a few friends come over then this would be a good filling dish to entertain.

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