Avocado Shake

Written by S.Priya

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  1. m.viji

    priya nice shake. i used to prepare this once in 10days but i feel always slight raw or bitter taste is there. i too make in the same way but i don't use ice cubes at all. There r 2 types avocodos in my place.. 1 is srilankan & other is egypt.. the 2nd will avail… frequently so i buy the 2nd one only. which is ripen avocoda? i thought violet color is ripen and the green color is raw.. do u have any idea abt this? anyhow it's rich in vitamin A like carrot, but avocoda is non-calories so paravailanu koodichiduven…. do u taste that raw taste oruvela ice cubes potta theriyatha… 

    1. S.Priya

      Viji, it doesnt mean green colour is raw n violet one is ripen…can buy both..to prepare this shake,  while touching u may feel that avocado will be smooththalathala'nu irrukum), if its hard, its raw..hope this helps, even i get here both violet n green avocados, while choosing in market just roll(urutti paarunga) in ur hand to know whether they r ripe r not..ithu than avocoda choose pannura techinic..ice cubes potta refreshingaa irrukum,thats all..

  2. Arthi Selva

    Sounds really Different, just to appreciate ur innovative ideas in cooking, let me vote.
    Really gud Priya. Voted 😉

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