1. Sujata

    Hi there:
    i just stumbled upon your site and have already tried the veg fried rice and the mutton chukka. I love the tastes and am enjoying the variety of dishes you have included. I intend to try all one by one. Thanks for the tips to improve and suggestions to ease into the recipe. It is helpful indeed. Looking forward to more from you.

  2. Monica Joseph

    Hi Ma’am,

    I love your website and your yummy recipes are so easy to follow and make… Would appreciate if you could add my email id for any future updates.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Monica Joseph

  3. தகவலுழவன்

    அற்புதமான தகவல்கள். ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் ஆயிரகணக்கானவர் காணக்கூடிய விக்கிப்பீடியாவில் அல்லது விக்கிப்பொதுவகத்தில் இவற்றை இணைக்க தமிழ் சொற்கள் தமிழில் இல்லை என்பதே குறையாக உள்ளது. மீன்களின் பெயர்களை தமிழில் எழுதுங்கள். ஏக்கத்துடன் .. வணக்கம்.

  4. Brighten

    I saw your website today only n I tried biriyani gravy its came awesome.thank you. Please send some biriyani n chapathi sidedish recipe

    1. Mullai

      Thank you sir for visiting my page and trying out recipes, really appreciate. There are bunch of other side dish recipes under veg and non veg category do check our recipe index for a complete list. Thanks again for your support!


    Have just seen this site. It is so amzing look, great pictures.. shall go thru your recpies soon and get back in detail

  6. Srividhya

    Hi Mullai,

    Came to know you via TMF. Great blog you have and lovely name. Even though I am from Madurai area, Mullai is my favorite flower. I will hopping on here.


  7. Malar

    Hi Mullia,

    Came to know about your blog via my friend Vidya…. Glad to find your blog 🙂 Heard from her that you are blogging from a very long time. Keep inspiring us…

  8. Kay

    Hi Mullai,

    I was looking at the chettinad chicken you have on your blog and I knew I have tried it before and then saw the tag ‘Mullai’s at the bottom and it reminded me. Small world, eh! That I come across the same recipe shared by the same person once again after 6 or 7 yrs…. You have a great blog!

    Enjoy your passion! 🙂

  9. Shri

    Hi Mullai,

    It would be better if you could list the dishes under your name , so that we can pick it up easily..


  10. Murali Narayana Swamy


    I was looking for all Tamil nadu rceipes and finally found it. we used to take few receipe from the site and all are good. Thanks for your wonderfull work.

  11. Hema

    Hello Mulai,

    Your recipes are extremely good. I am from Toronto, Canada, just like you, I have love & passion for cooking & keep trying different & varieties of food. I have recipes that is very unique & could post it to you some time soon. Keep posting more recipes…

  12. sathya prakash

    Hi Mullai,

    It was my friend who introduced me to this site. Now… I am in love with your site. Atleast alternate days i try one of your recipes and it turns out very well. Thank you for your easy methods. I am very new to non veg cooking. I tried your method of chicken biriyani for the first time and it was a great success 🙂 Thank you.

  13. cloud

    Hello Mullai,

    Thank you for your wonderful contributions. Your recipes are awesome.
    I tried microwave Pallakova and impressed with your method. I told couple of my buddies and they did for their wife and kids and enjoyed it. Keep this blog running and thank you once again


    Dear Mullai Madavan

    I have been using yeast for dosa and Idly batters.
    Yeast one can buy in one and two pound packages. sold in Costco and Cash and carry. Last for long time and cheap. I use small jar and fill time to time.jar and a package be refrigerated.
    Batter placed on the big plate/ Thai and on the counter.summer it over flows. Batter prepared in the morning ready in 5-6 hours . Can be kept close to the cooking area. It is good for couple of days. some time I use leftover batter and add new (small portion )batter. It works like sour dough
    Thanks for tapioca dosa recipe. Tapioca is suppose to be gluten free . I add very little to whole dark wheat to make pita bread. I use no oven, griddle and then on the open heat placed above the metal mesh. pops and come out good,but it is whole dark wheat.

    Vashon Island WA

  15. Rathai

    Hi Mullai,

    You have a wonderful website here, I especially like the sweet subcategory, which I frequent. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  16. Srividhya

    I am new to cooking. I came across your website. wow! really helping a lot and no words are there to explain. Slowly I am gonna try to recipes. Now I became a regular visitor to your website to check for new recipies…

  17. Jaya

    Hi Mullai, your recipes are awesome! After 20 years of married life, my husband enjoy my cooking now more than ever! I am glad that I found your site…You must be really a good cook!

  18. Sangeetha

    Hi Mullai
    all your recipes are awesome and easy to prepare. I am looking for a salt free or low salt recipes. can you please upload here if u tried anything

  19. punitha

    hello mam 🙂 am really glad to found ur blog. i am graduate n right nw am experimenting dishes :)so my knowledge regarding foods is basically from blgos:) n i swear ur blog s kind of gift .. so so nice of chettinad dishes . bt i think u should give enhancement for north indian cuisine 🙂

  20. Keerthi K

    Hello Mullai! Good to see you back!! I had been a regular browser at your site a year ago and then i think your site went into a maintenance mode. Not just your site, me too, without your recipes! Am happy to see you back with a more colourful site! Good luck and all the best to you!

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