A fresh look and a fresh start

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. Deepa Manimudichozhan

    Dear Mullai, Missed you sooooo much. Was wondering what happened to all the good work you are doing! Now feels like I m back home.

    Warm regards

  2. suja

    Hi Mullai – Is there a alphabetical recipe index? Also I noticed that the search in the new website is not as good as the old one. Say, when I type Idli, Your idli recipe comes up way back in the list..Not complaining…Just letting you know what I observed….Thanks, Suja

  3. vidhyanandhini

    Hi Mullai,

    I don’t have words to express my Happiness when I see spiceindiaonline is up and running. Almost everyday I checked the site. Thanks for your wonderful help/job which brings us the eagerness to cook and try something new with 100% confident.


  4. priya

    Missed ur website…was trying for a long time.Happy its back…Happy new year to u and ur family mullai
    thanks for ur effort.It helps many ppl

  5. Sadhanaraveen

    Hi Mullai,

    I logged for abt 2 -3 hrs and was going thru all the recipes,,, very nostalgic…..made kothamalli thokku came out really very well..:)

  6. Sudha Prasanna

    Hi Mullai,
    Very happy to see Spiceindiaonline again, It was like some support missing without your site.Thankyou and Welcome again 🙂

  7. prashanth

    yappa saamy thanks for coming back …..its hard to survive without this site….when ever my wife cooks something from this website i will say you are the best….but i know the credit should go to Mullai….hope my wife wont read this blog…past 2 ,3 months hmm solla mudiyalaa….

  8. shalini

    so relieved to see u back agn.. my life line…. i keep refering for recipes and without it was like my life had come to a standstil….:D

  9. seema


    A very happy new year 2011!!!

    very happy to c spice india again, i was waiting eagerly when problem wll be fixed. nice to come again after a looooong gap.

  10. rajiselva

    hi mullai, Very happy to see SIO again. Missed this site a lot. daily i used to check whether it is back. Yet to see the new features. Hope every body will enjoy your new look. Eagerly waiting for your new receipes.


  11. Viji Suresh

    Dear Mullai,

    Welcome! Wish You a Very Happy New Year! Welcome back with fresh look in the new year! Congrats ur improved site looks great! Kudos!

  12. charulatha

    I missed a lot especially during festive seasons from getting new ideas of recepie’s…Very tired of opening n saw UNDER CONSTRUCTION past 2 months..Thanks a lot now..

  13. lakshmisenthil.


    really iam very happy now.So many times, i was trying to open the site but i couln’t.But,this fine day its happend.Thank you so much.
    wish you a very happy new yeaar.

  14. krishna

    Dear Mullai,
    You were sorely missed! I had almost given up all hopes of ever getting hold of your recipes again, and was regretting not saving/ printing our favourites (so many!) when I could. Like many who have commented above me in this thread, I kept visiting with hopes of seeing the site up and running again. Nice to have you back!
    Now, off to cook some old favourites and read up some new ones. Thanks for your efforts and all those wonderful recipes! Site looks great, by the way.

  15. bakya

    hi mullai…

    each and everyday i was trying to open this site..but i couldnt..now im very surprised that i realy opened my favourote website..

    thx once again..
    all the best..
    hope to see ur best dishes soon..


  16. Rammya

    hi Mullai, unga website up & running aa illathathu kai vodanja matheri errunthutu. good to see u back. I am a big fan of urs. Wish u a wonderful new yr and a fresh start for ur website.

  17. Cappuccino

    Welcome Back Mullai ! New look is fabulous….I’m eagerly waiting for your recipe post dear. I missed you a lot….Hope u r doing great.

  18. Lasya

    Happy to see SpiceIndiaonline after a long hiatus in a whole new avtaar not only with exotic dishes as ever but also with a new, revived look..Kudos Mullai, gosh we missed your site so much!!!!!

  19. rammynatarajan

    hi mullai, am a very big fan of SIO website n i hv recommended to many ppl…the fact is we all really missed the website n i finally gave somedays back that its not gonna work any more…just as a fluke i gave it a try today, hurrraaayyyy …so eager to see ur recipes again with mouthwatering pics. ALL THE BEST FOR THE NEW START..

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