Vegetable Brinji – How to make Brinji rice

Vegetabe Brinji

Written by Mullai

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  1. jayasri

    MUllai I tried this recipe and as usual it was a great hit and the aroma was in my hand for a long time….going to do tomorrow for our guests….I’m maintaining a good name among family and friends because of your website…thanks for your unbeatable effort for perfect measurement and pics.I’m your fan from aug 2007,thanks once again

  2. Nisha

    Hi mam,

    I love your recipes. This is how my mom prepares. I’m planning to do this for the weekend party of 40 guests. This is my first time cooking for lot of people. Can you tell me how much cups of rice, coconut milk and water will be needed?


  3. Ramya

    hi mullai
    i have seen all ur recipes and add it to my recipe book.I tried some of ur recipes.everything is more recipes.

  4. Vaishnavi

    It looks yummy. Mullai madam….Just had a doubt. When you pressure cook cashwes with rice, doesn’t it turn very mushy and loses it’s taste?

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