SOYA CUTLET RECIPE – Soya Granules cutlet – Meal Maker cutlet

Written by Mullai

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  1. seema


    I am a bit health conscious. Can i shallow fry the cutlets? I dont have a baking oven even, thatz y going for shallow frying….let me know plz

  2. manjupriya

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried soya cutlet yesterday for evening snack. I had the big soya chunks. So I cooked them and cut them into small pieces. Everything came out perfect, it came out exactly like you have shown in the picture. Yummy. My husband liked it so much. Thankyou for such delicious recipes.

  3. jlakshmi


    Could not resist to try this yesterday for evening snack. I did not read the entire comments, so I had used full soy ( did not pulse them), so there was 1 mistake , so when making balls, the se soy did not really mix along. But I managed to make them. Everything else was 100% the same recipe. I was bit scared that it might fall apart in oil, so I shallow fried and baked and ( little broil) the cutlets. They then turned out to be good. Next time, I will make them by reading all the comments. Thanks again. Enna pannrathu, entha mathiri ethavathu parthale udaney seyya solluthu. I did not get exactly get the same way as your fried cutlet, but almost 70% matches yours.

    Jaya Lakshmi

  4. Sadhanaraveen

    Wow looks tempting….kaalaiyila endirichadhum i logon to SIO…guess wat..wen i see all these recipes..i will really feel very hungry :)Will try this soon

    Sadhana Raveen

  5. priyasudha

    Amazing dish…last sunday we went to Indian shop n seen there these soya granules, we were supposed to buy these but we didnt coz usually we ppls use soya granules to make masalas,veggie briyanis else salnas..but never heard about cutlet..after seeing ur presentation i said oh no..i would have bought soya granules na..let me go back again n will try this recipe.

    Hats off Mullai

  6. Aruna

    wow mullai!…..i like the presentation, the sauce and cilantro garnishing.Its tempting!……… BTW what is soya granules is it the meal maker( dat we use to add for vegetable biriyani ?)

    1. Mullai

      Aruna, they are the same but in the form of granules. I've provided the link for the same. All Indian stores have them and even regular supermarkets stock them.. may not be the same brand though. Big nuggets take little longer to cook and guess you can actually run a pulse in your food processor to make it like granules. But only disadvantage.. most of the time will end up in a powder and makes it harder to cook. Try and let me know.. your french toast looks inviting, I wish could have one of those on this snowy cold day here in Michigan.

  7. kaviarun

    yeppa, chance-ye illa Mullai. Unga kitta irunthu innum niraya kathukkanum pola…..Mullai,one doubt…u put whole granules or into pieces? pls. let me know.

    1. Mullai

      Kavi, Naanum thaan niraya kathukunum!!! I added the whole granules.. they already look so tinny, like our minced meat. Kheema panna nalla irrukum..umm pohtudalam!!

        1. Mullai

          Kavi, you can try breaking with a hammer. Illana… you steam it as whole chunks and then when cooked trying scrambling it (pechi podhurathu). Shape doesn't matter , it needs to bind with the potato, thats it. Try pannittu solunga.

          1. Manoo

            Boil soya with salt, squeeze water completely & cut into small pieces. Tats the way amma makes soya cutlets

  8. Sharmilla Saravana

    That is one perfect looking cutlet. Mine always seems to fall apart. How thick is your maida batter? do you make it watery??
    A friend once told me she makes a liquid out of boiled sago and dips the filling in that
    (similar to an egg – I guess) Have you ever tried that?


    1. Mullai


      You can never go wrong with cutlets. Just try one and see how it turns out, if it falls apart, then u need to make it firm. Some scrambled plain bread without crust will help. Mix along with the potato mixture and then shape them., can never go wrong. Sago takes time.. maida paste helps as its instant, consistency of which should be thin but not thick.. almost like our Bhaji batter. White of the egg or corn flour mixed in water or white of the egg will work too. Thanks.

      1. Sharmilla Saravana

        Thanks Mullai! I always have trouble evenly coating it. Maybe my maida batter was too thick. I will try again. Thanks again!

        1. Manoo

          If the batter is thick, then u can coat crumbs well. it gives very crispy cutlets… also the cover is bit thick & cutlets wont break apart….. u can check the rolls recipe. a pic showing rolls dipped in batter… 

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