Murungakkai Muttai Curry

Written by Mullai

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  1. Priya Swaminathan

    Hi Mullai,

             Last weekend i tried this dish. I never thought murungakkai and muttai will go together. It was awesome. A very different dish.


    Priya Swaminathan

  2. Visitor

    Pls don’t take it personally. In most of your dishes I see addition of chilli powder,dhania powder,turmeric and the outcome is little spicy. I feel this spicy way of cooking will diminish the real true flavour of that particular vegetable which is the main ingredient in the dish.Is it the way of tamils cooking or you prefer it that way?

    1. Mullai

      Actually poriyals (dry fry) are made without the addition of those 3 items. Gravies or semi-thick subzi"s normally include little chili and dhania. Its not like all Tamils cook this way.. preparations vary with each family depending on personal preferences. We at home cook our dishes like this and if you think its too spicy… then reduce the spice level to suit your taste. BTW… anonymous comments are moderated.

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