Kozhukattai Kozhukattai is a sweet dish traditionally prepared during Vinayaka Chaturthi festival. Its a steamed rice flour dumpling with sweet filling inside.
1 cup Rice flour
2 cup Water
½ tsp Sesame oil
1 pinch Salt
1 cup Fresh grated coconut
¾ cup Powdered jaggery
½ tsp Powdered cardamon
2 drop Ghee
2 tsp Sesame oil for smoothing


Kozhukattai Ingredients


Kozhukattai Ingredients


First to make the outer covering, boil water in a kadai (or a thick bottom vessel) with a pinch of salt and few drops of seasame oil. When it begins to boil add the rice flour to that and stir continuously without allowing any lumps to form. When the mixture begins to form into a smooth thick dough, remove from fire and keep it aside.


Kozhukattai Ingredients


To make the filling(poornam), add little water to the powdered jaggery and keep on low flame, stir for few seconds, just until it begins to melt. Immediately remove form heat, add fresh grated coconut, powdered cardamon, few drops of ghee and mix well.


Kozhukattai Ingredients


Kozhukattai Ingredients


Now to make the kozhukattai, smear your hands with a little seasame oil, smoothen the prepared rice flour dough with your hands and make small lemon size balls. Press those dough balls with your hands and shape them into tiny cups and fill them with the prepared coconut-jaggery filling (poornam) and seal them. Spread wet cheese cloth over idli plates and put all those filled dough balls and steam them for about 6 to 7 minutes, until the outer layer looks firm.



Kozhukkattai made with freshly made rice flour will turn out very soft. If thats not available try using ready made fried rice flour.

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18 comments to Kozhukkattai

  • uma

    Hi Mullai,
    Have you tried using the SWAD rice flour for making the dough? Will it come out good.

    • Uma, you can try with Swad that shouldn’t be a problem. But if you can get roasted rice flour, I’m mot familiar with the brand name but most Kerala style grocery stores carry that product (which is prepared rice flour / Padhapadutiya arisi maavu) which will work really well. Thanks.

  • Geeta

    Made it today sister and it was superb

  • uma

    Hi Mullai,

    I forgot to grease my Idli plates before I put the Kozhukattai on it. When I opened my Idli bowl after 6 minutes,they looked mushy and sticky to each other. I donot know whether they are cooked right. Had to scrape them out from the plates. Will their taste/texture be bad if its done like this?

  • shaliniprabhu

    Dear Mullai, Where do u find jaggery like the ones you have used above.I generally find jaggery in Indian stores look pale and kakhi color but urs look like the ones we find in India.Also,Is the cocunet frozen stuff or fresh grated?

    • Mullai

      Shalini, this is regular mandai vellam from Indian store which I pounded hence looks crumbled. Coconut is freshly grated… you also use frozen grated. Thanks.


  • logambiga

    hi mullai,
    i tried this today… but it came out very mushy.. while stirring the batter for a long time, i find it very sticky. i dont know wat mistake i made..
    could u plz help me

    • Mullai

      Logambiga, did you mean the dough?? or the filling?? There's no batter involved here. Stirring for long time ?? for dough making ..once it rolls into a thick stuff you switch off. Even for stuffing its the same.. do not stir anything for long time.

  • anithashankar

    Mullai, I made this yesterday but I think I steamed them for 15 minutes or so, all the kozhukattai’s turned mushy when I opened to check in..will steaming for too long turn them mushy or is there any other reason? Usually I just make the rice flour dough using hot to warm water and make kozhukattais but this time I tried this method. Also I used the joyce chen bamboo steamer to steam. They have bigger slots for steam to escape than our regular idli plates,could that be a reason? Thanks Mullai.

    • Mullai

      Anitha, I'm not quite sure, steaming for long will make the covering rubbery, if the dough isn't mixed well then they tend to break and become mushy. Other thing is your steamer, haven't tried this with bamboo steamer but that could not be the problem. Why not try with regular steamer and see if it works. Sorry that I couldn't be of much help here. Thanks.

    • anithashankar

      Thanks for the reply Mullai, Yes I think too much steaming made it mushy ;-(

  • Visitor

    Mullai,don’t we use kadalai paruppu -soaked and cooked ,slightly mashed and added with jaggery when its boiling? its a surprise for me to see kozhukattai pooranam with out kadalai paruppu.

  • girijavijay

    hi mullai, nice recipe with all the functions coming up. the rice flour, when we make it freshly is sort of coarse. in order to make it smooth we use something called "salladai" in india. have u used that here? if so, where did u find it?or have u come across this here in US?please let me know. thanks girija

    • Mullai


       I bought mine from India, but have seen in some Indian stores too. You can just call and findout before actually going there.

  • Areena

    Hi, Mullai! Small question. Can I substitute til oil to another one?

  • prema. J

    Isaw your recipe for kozhu kattai it was good
    there is another method instead of using rice floursoak raw rice for two hours and grind it in a mixie into a smooth paste[for one cup of rice pour two cups of water and grind] now pour the grinded flour into a tava and keep it on the stove and stir it until the flour turns into solid consistency add apinch of salt and two tsp of oil to it when the dough is ready follow the above recipe for making kozhukattai

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