Instant Rasmalai – Quick & Easy Rasmalai

Written by Mullai

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  1. jayasri

    hi mullai

    i tried this for my kids b’day
    it was a big hit,everybody enjoyed very much
    thanks for such a great recipe
    vaazhga spiceindiaonline

  2. Julie04

    Mullai – could you please tell me what is the quantity of 1 cup(in this recipe), I'm planning to make it for July 4th party in our church tomorrow. So decided to make with three cans of Rasgullas.

    Warm Regards,


  3. rekdhar

    mullai mam superb description superb photos superb recipe thanks for ur wonderful recipe asusual kalankeetan unga recipe vechu……….prepared this for my son's 1st bday it was a superhit thanks mam…

  4. jayasri

    hi mullai

    am planning to do it for my baby’s b’day party around 25 adult+10 kids …so can u tell me the measurement for this much crowd pls!!

  5. Sugi7

    Easy and Excellent dessert recipe! I tried this for a big party yesterday and it turned out to be an item enjoyed by everyone! Even those who usually say 'No' to desserts, helped themselves with second serving!  I got nice compliments from my friends and thank you Mullai for sharing this wonderful recipe with us!

  6. abigail

    Dear Mullai,
    Last week I tried ur instant rasmalai….boy oh boy….all my friends liked it and they showered me with praises and it tasted like basundhi….anyway do come up with these instant recipes coz it will save time and energy….like semi homemade by Sandra Lee…. U deserve a big hug from ur friend and wish u happy holidays!!!!

  7. gayu1981

    Mullai – could you please tell me what is the quantity of 1 cup(in this recipe) -. I am making a big group of rasmalai. that’s why.

  8. bhargavi

    Hi Mullai, I have a question regarding the can rasgullas…Actually i want to make rasamalai with the rasgullas i made..But i don't know how many of them can be used to prepare rasamalai??? Can u plz specify the approx number?? Coz i am stuck here.. thanku bhargavi

  9. abhimuthu

    I had a party today and I made your instant rasmalai. It was a great hit. Everyone liked it so much , very easy and simple. All the guests asked your website name and could not believe it can be ,made so easy in minutes. Everyone appreciated it so much. I cannot praise you in words.. Seriously..I have learnt a lot in cooking through your website. Thank you for posting this recipe. Love your website and you/members work.

  10. Rose

    Hi Mullai,
    U have mentioned simmer half n half can u tell approx how manny minutes coz i am
    going to try for this weekend party and i didnt try earlier .It would be great if u could me help with this .

    1. Mullai

      Rose, half and half as such is little thicker when compared to regular milk, so just bring it one boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Have a wonderful time.

  11. Manoo

    Canned rasagulla sucks… We were wondering wat to do with it (coz we got 3 cans of rasagulla). I made rasmalai as u mentioned here… No wonder, all vanished in few sec. Thank you mam… U ROCK!!!

  12. Malarvizhi

    Hey Mullai, this idea is too good.But if you grind some almonds to it i think u get the real good flavour and thickness isnt? I mean the badam milk and rasagullas….try it.Amma doesnt make all these quite often i come and jolluvitufy your receipes!!

  13. karthikshan

    wow wow Mullai…kumida pona God nama munnadi vanthu ninna solluvangaa theriyumaa..athu mathiri intha recipe…Christmasku enna pannalaam sweet dish endru Thalai pichikittu iruku pothu…Ta Da comes your Rasmallai recipe….Thanks a lot

    1. Mullai

      Aaaaha…. simple la.. mudinchidum!! Time irunda try Mysore pak… nalla pozuthu pogum… just kidding!! Happy to hear that it was helpful. Thanks.

  14. sudha

    mullai nicesa thapikureenga patheengala othuka mudiyathu instant rasamalai yellam vendam step by step in your style post panunga othukuren okya plssssssssss

    1. Mullai

      Hi Sudha,

      This recipe was mainly posted for beginners, namba item will show up soon. Quite a long process and capturing them step by step konjam kashtam, need an extra hand and would give a try when there's help at home. Unga kitta irrunthu thappika mudiyumaa??

    1. Mullai

      I agree to the fact that this one is less tastier when compared to the Ricotta, but this cheese is made from the whey collected during other cheese making process and taste sweeter and low in fat. Whereas original Rasmalai is made from Paneer, which is  the cheese collected from full cream milk and taste far better than the other two. I've tried and tasted the Instant mix, Instant rasgulla type, Ricotta  and the Paneer and my vote is for Rasmalai made with fresh Paneer. Have you ever tasted rasmalai from Mint Street, Chennai??When you get a chance, try that and you will know the difference. One more thing… you don't have to hide, just bcos you gave a negative comment. This site welcomes both positive and negative comments as long as they are addressed with respect and written politely. Thanks for your feedback.

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