Chettinad Kaikari Pirattal

Chettinad Kaikari Pirattal

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. Arthi

    Nice recipe..I have been looking for this recipe..I found it .
    Detailed instructions and super clicks.i am going to try this

  2. anjali nair

    Just want to know if the coparai thengai u’ve mentioned is the sun dried one’s which we use for making coconut oil or is it just mature dry coconut. A little doubt ‘cos i hail from the land of coconuts “Kerala”. Pls help.
    Thank you

  3. jlakshmi


    Tried this.. I never got the dish so colorful like yours, but taste was awesome.. Enkiyo oru mistake. I should have steamed the veggies. Instead tried ur version, may be the onions were browned .


    1. Mullai

      Lakshmi, sooo what colour was it really??? May be my dish looks extra colourful in a black bowl. No trick here, heheh… mixed coloured veggies work naturally. May be you might have over steamed and they should have turned into a mushy puttu. Am I right?? Try your way and let me know. Thanks.

  4. shan

    Tried pirattal for Sambar rice, tasted awesome…and spicy too. I like this curry. But goes very well with rasam satham and curd rice. Thanx for ur receipe.

    Have a great day



    I am belonging to chettinad family, when seeing this receipe I am thinking about my native place and relations.

    Very nice and thanks for giving me chance to remember my olden days



  6. abhimuthu

    The veggies look colourful and can be made easily. Restaurant style presentation is pleasing and mouth watering!

  7. kaviarun

    3-D effect-la irukku….nice presentation…..appadiye oru cauliflower-a eduthukkanum pola irukku….Chettinad items ellame unga kitta irunthu kathukkalam pola…..
    Everyday we have feast…..thanks for sharing Mullai….

  8. seema

    Presentation-le ungala adichikka aale illa Mullai, paakkave avlo attractive-a irukku, odane saapidanum pola thonudhu………..

    wonderful work, keep going!!!

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