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Paya ( lamb trotters )

A Very rich mughlai curry loved by my family. . . . → Read More: Paya ( lamb trotters )

Green Chicken


Green Chicken

. . . → Read More: Green Chicken

Aatu Kaal Paya

Paya are trotters, the feet of a goat or lamb or any cattle, a rich gourmet food, consumed mostly by recuperating patients for its nourishment. This is especially famous among the muslim community, basically a mughlai dish, expensive  and widely popular among the riches(nawabs), who consume this soup  with meat and marrow cooked in exotic ayurvedic spices to get the full benefit , while the poor peasants enjoy just the soup made with bones. Well mine too is like a poor mans paya (Do not laugh) as my butcher could not give us the cut with meat. . . . → Read More: Aatu Kaal Paya

Bottle Gourd Kofta

Veggie style kofta made grated bottle gourd, baked and served in spicy tomato onion sauce. Normally in any kofta the meat or veggie balls are deep fried and then served with a thick rich sauce. Here I've baked the veggie balls and served in a light sauce.

Doodhi  Kofta / Dudhi Kofta / Surakkai  Kofta / Sorrakkai Kofta / Cheraikai Kofta / Sorakaya Kofta / Sorekai / Lauki Kofta / Bottlegourd Kofta Curry / Maharashtrian / Kofta Curry / Kofta masala

. . . → Read More: Bottle Gourd Kofta

Traditional Mutton Biriyani

This is the traditional Biriyani making method. Its a very favourite dish with almost everyone. Mostly served in formal functions.

. . . → Read More: Traditional Mutton Biriyani

kidney with minced meat

This gravy goes well with chappatis,and dosas. . . . → Read More: kidney with minced meat

Hyderabadi Dahi ki Kadi – (More Kuzhambu)

Simple and Easy to make curd gravy (More Kuzhambu)

. . . → Read More: Hyderabadi Dahi ki Kadi – (More Kuzhambu)

Marag [Mutton Stew]

A very rich and easy to make dish mainly prepared as a starter in hyderabad.

. . . → Read More: Marag [Mutton Stew]

tamatar ka cut

Easy to make tomato gravy . . . → Read More: tamatar ka cut

Navarathna Kurma

Nine main ingredients plays a major part in this dish. Choice of vegetables, nuts and paneer cooked in creamy rich coconut yogurt gravy called Navarathna kurma. Typically a north Indian gravy, with mughalai origin often served as a side for chapati or parathas. Quite a lot of ingredients and a lengthy procedure,  just have everything ready and proceed with the preparation. (Navrathna Korma / Navratna Kurma / Navarathna Kurma / Navarathana Korma / Mughlai Kurma / Mughalai Korma) . . . → Read More: Navarathna Kurma

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