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Finger millet, also known as  Kezhvaragu/Keppai – Tamil, Ragi-Kannada, Ragulu – Telugu, Koovaragu – Malayalam is a highly nutritious millet. There are many ways of using this millet in our very day dishes…here is the recipe for a savory snack which can be had with your evening cup of tea or coffee.  This murukku . . . → Read More: RAGI MURUKKU RECIPE

Aloo 65 – Potato 65 Recipe


Aloo 65 is an easy snack item to make when you have boiled potatoes in hand. Deep fried snacks are quite addictive and this is no exception. They make a great snack or starter, for adults and children alike.


Potato 65 / Deep Fried Potato / Crispy Snack / Aloo 65 / . . . → Read More: Aloo 65 – Potato 65 Recipe

Cornflakes Mixture – Healthy Version


Snacking is an effective way to stave off hunger and lose weight. Just have to make sure that we munch on something  which is both nourishing and satisfying. Here’s one easy and tasty snack which you can enjoy anytime of the day.  This is one Cerealously awesome snack which is pretty addicting, so be . . . → Read More: Cornflakes Mixture – Healthy Version

Butter Murukku – Easy Murukku Recipe / Diwali Snacks


This is one of the simplest and easiest murukku recipe which can be made with store bought rice flour.  This recipe fall into the category of foolproof recipes that you can rely on anytime and won’t disappoint no matter I’ve given exact measures including salt and water.  Make a batch for this Diwali . . . → Read More: Butter Murukku – Easy Murukku Recipe / Diwali Snacks

Baked Pita Chips


Here is a way to make your own tasty pita chips in a matter of minutes. These herb-rubbed thin pita chips are an excellent alternative to potato chips and can be served as a snack with hummus or any dipping of your choice.

Herbed Pita Chips / Seasoned Pita Bread / Baked Chips / . . . → Read More: Baked Pita Chips

Ribbon Pakoda


 Crispy tea-time savoury  snack made with rice and gram flour flavored with garlic and fennel. We call it Ola Pakoda also known as O’ttu Pakoda or Nada Thenkuzhal.

Ola Pakoda / Nada Thenkuzhal / O’ttu Pakoda / Ribbon Murukku / Nada Pakoda / Oatu Pakoda / Thenkulal

Ingredients – 1 Split roasted . . . → Read More: Ribbon Pakoda

Gobi 65


Cauliflower/Gobi 65 is one yummy dish which is usually a starter or tea time snack, constant order in restaurants for both veg and non-veg lovers.  The recipe shared here was adapted from one of those Chef. Damodaran’s TV shows but modified to suit my style. This is one amazing dish which will have everyone . . . → Read More: Gobi 65

Oven Roasted Poha Chivda


Chivda is a kind of crispy snack prepared with roasted poha, puffed rice and combination of nuts and dals. This version is slightly healthy as its roasted in traditional oven instead of deep frying. You can make this ahead time and store in air-tight container to retain freshness. Just serve as a tea time . . . → Read More: Oven Roasted Poha Chivda

Kadalai Urundai


There are a few moments in our life when we are truly and completely happy.  Simple pleasures , innocent feelings, good old days.. What pops in your mind?? Verkadalai urundai is one street side snack which reminds me of those kind of happy days. This is the treat most of us must have enjoyed . . . → Read More: Kadalai Urundai

Mozzarella Bread Rolls

Cheesy soft bread rolls for a quick evening snack. Bread flour is used for this recipe which usually yields slightly chewy, but soft dense texture bread. My college cafeteria used to have this soft white bread sticks which i always crave for …. as there is no escapism, the whole corridor smells like parmesan cheese and just makes irresistibly hungry during mid morning breaks. So… tried that at home too which was soo easy and satisfying. This is made with all-purpose and its quite similar process wise with slightly change in measures and temperature. Try both and have fun.

. . . → Read More: Mozzarella Bread Rolls

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