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Two Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake


This Valentine’s Day mix yourself up some love, whether you have a sweetheart or not. Have yourself a lovely little mug cake, remember your favorite cake is only 3 minutes away, day or night. Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

 Microwave Mug Cake / Chocolate Mug cake / Eggless Mug Cake / Valentine’s Day Cake . . . → Read More: Two Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake

Snowball Cookies


With Christmas just around the corner, baking is in high gear in  kitchens everywhere. After all, Christmas isn’t Christmas without cookies! When it comes to baking Christmas cookies, it doesn’t get much simpler than these easy Snowball cookies. This melt in your mouth cookie is a rich buttery ball made with few everyday ingredients . . . → Read More: Snowball Cookies

டீ கடை பட்டர் பிஸ்கட்


Bun Butter Jam, Rusk, Kamarkat, Butter Biscuit are difficult to find at an eatery these days. We hardly find petty tea shops which actually sells these goodies,  guess they all got replaced by hype coffee shops and cafes.  OMG, I used to eat these all the time, use to be my favorite after school . . . → Read More: டீ கடை பட்டர் பிஸ்கட்

Carrot Cake

My first cake, came out pretty well… . . . → Read More: Carrot Cake

Tres Leches Cake


Tres leches cake is a sponge cake/ butter cake – soaked in three kinds of milk.  Recipe shared here is made with evaporated milk, condensed and whole milk.  You can also check out interesting recipes of Sadhana under Success stories of my recipe



For the cake:

All purpose flour-1 cup Baking powder . . . → Read More: Tres Leches Cake

Nutella Truffles


If you haven’t tried a product called “Nutella”, you need to go out and get some today.  It’s s a little … rather say quite addictive. This creamy spread is made up of hazelnuts, cocoa, and skim milk which goes well on a toast usually but many times a spoonful goes straight from the . . . → Read More: Nutella Truffles

Blondie Brownie Bars


Recently purchased a KitchenAid heavy duty mixer  and have been trying new recipes ever since it landed on my door steps. To add up the excitement a bunch of recipe books arrived as a surprise from my dear hubby. So being the good wife that I am, started off with some easy recipes from . . . → Read More: Blondie Brownie Bars


Tiramisu in Italian means 'pick me up'…i've been a big fan of this dessert since my first bite. My husband always wants to try different recipes at home. He was determined to try doing tiramisu atleast once at home, so i went through several recipes and made one of my version.This recipe takes atleast two hours to prepare . . . → Read More: Tiramisu

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits

I'm a big seafood lover and occasionally visit Red Lobster to treat myself with some exceptionally tasty treats. They serve this fluffy buttery garlic biscuits which are out of this world. Its comes out straight from the oven and quite addictive. Craving lead me to browse online for a recipe replica and google was very favourable in offering thousand links. This one worked for me and it was soooooooooo good.

Cheddar Biscuits / Restaurant style / Bay Biscuits / Red Lobster Chain / Red Lobster Biscuits / Kids Snack / Dinner Biscuits

. . . → Read More: Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Banana Walnut Bread

Simple bread / moist cake made with over ripe bananas and toasted walnuts.

Banana Bread / Banana Nut Bread / Moist Banana Cake / Walnut banana cake / Walnut Banana Bread

. . . → Read More: Banana Walnut Bread

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