Vengaya Chutney

Written by Mullai

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  1. thar

    Hi Mullai
    The tomato you have mentioned is 1 no not 1 tsp right…..just wan t to get the right recipe.
    Thanks for all the wonderful recipe’s.

    1. Mullai


      It is one tsp, the recipe is right. A whole tomato will be be too much, making it more tart.. which we don't want. Stick to just a tsp. Thanks.

  2. Nirmala Ragavan

    This chutney is really awesome. i was using both udad dhal and gram dhal.

    last week i tasted a different onion chutney. it was without coconut and dhals, it tasted very well. I also felt a pinch of raw onion smell in the chutney. could you please tell me how to prepare onion chutney without dhals and coconut .

  3. gowher

    Hi Mullai,
    This chutney is really tempting wanted to try this, but unfortunately i did not found fresh grated coconut here 🙁
    Can i use dry coconut grated instead that.


    1. shan

       Gowher, ofcourse you can use dry coconut. But before grinding soak in water for 5 mins and first grind the coconut and then add the rest and grind.

       Have a great day

  4. shanthi velan

    Hi Mullai, I tried this recipe just now and it turned out really good. I have tried a similar recipe earlier quite a few times but have been using ulundhu instead of kadalai paruppu. The kadalai paruppu added a distinct flavor to the chutney.  Usually I am diet conscious and try to limit the amount of food intake, but today I ate like 4 dosais. Thanks for sharing a good one.

  5. shanthikrishna

    Hi mullai, thanks for this recipe..i was searching for this recipe for long time ..chutney looks very attractive.tempting me to prepare…..

    with love


  6. Anitha Shankar

    Hi Mullai..Did i miss something?where does the coconut comes here..In the instruction to make there’s no coconut mentioned.pls clarify.

  7. lara

    Hi all chefs.. One kind request … Try to post all recipes with pictures… It looks good and tempt people to cook…… Posting recipes with picture(step by step) is one of the most attractive feature in this site. So pls everybody try to follow it. You and your recipes will get more response. If it hurts anybody means really sorry. Just i am giving suggestion.

    Keep up the good and G8 works


  8. Suganswami

    Hi Mullai,

    Idli is not my kind of breakfast. But, started prefering because of the goodness. Wow! imagination of this chutney with Dosa … Awesome…

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