Vendhaya Keerai Poriyal Recipe ~Methi Leaves Stir Fry ~Fenugreek Leaves Fry

Written by Mullai

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  1. Gauri

    Nice , easy and healthy! Would love to add grated coconut to it on top 🙂 Have a similar post on my blog : Methi chi bhaaji. Love your version 🙂

    1. Mullai

      Thanks Gauri, coconut is the highlight which helps to balance the bitterness. Loved your version of methi bhaaji, kind of similar just minus the sugar i guess!

  2. mercyusha

    Did this today for our lunch, tastes very good. Have tried methi & paruppu kootu before, but this is the first time trying poriyal, super. As you said, adding sugar and coconut reduces the bitterness a lot. My hubby have never had keeriyal poriyal before, but today he loved this. Thanks a lot.

  3. shanthikrishna

    i must first thank mullai for giving us such a good & healthy recipe…i tried this recipe last saturday…it came out hubby appreciated me..obviously the credit goes to mullai..thanks a lot..everyboby plz try this recipe…

    with love


  4. Ramya Ashok

    it came gud wth ponaankanni keerai too. at the end i added some soaked moongdaal and fried for 2 mins. my mom used to do this for some poriyals and it gives added taste to the recipe..

  5. Manoo

    Amma forced us to have vendaya keerai varai.. just looks like how she used to make… only difference is she does not add Asafoetida & sugar… Actually i forgot all keerai… thank you sio….

    Btw, you can make murungai keerai also this way….try panni parungo… its high in iron… Romba simple ana varai without many spices… good one… i can make it often then.. will go & find if i can get this keerai….Thank you sooo much mam,,,,

    Apuram unga kutti kutti satti nalla irruku… So cute… Ithukagave me goin to india before goin back home…

  6. shan

    Mullai, I’m abt to make this now for my lunch…Thanks kumbida pona theivam kurukaa vanthathu mathiri u have posted this. Thanks you so much -shan

  7. Ramya Ashok

    good presentation…tempting to eat….as we could not get keerai often,im craving for that……..Mullai, can i follow the same proc for other keerais too??????

      1. Sadhanaraveen

        Hi Mullai

        This Looks very nice..will try making them..but the problem is i have to search for vendaya keerai here in Taiwan..

        Sadhana Raveen

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