Ven Pongal

Written by Mullai

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  1. sathu

    Hi Mullai…
    I tried this Pongal today and the taste was flawless 🙂
    Thanks for such a nice traditional receipe…
    Voting 10 on 10..


  2. Ramya Ashok

    Hi mullai, today i prepared sakarai pongal n ven pongal, followed ur recipes. sakarai pongal turnd excellent…….ven pongal tastewise gud,but the rice wasnt cooked like pongal. i got the normal rice texture. i used equal proportion of milk n water and left up to 4 whistles. i dnt knw where it went wrong.

        1. Mullai


          Quite surprising, we never add milk to ven pongal. Sometimes include in chakra pongal. Most of the time pressure cooked rice becomes very firm after a while, so better to have immediately after making it.

          1. Ramya Ashok

            Mullai, My sister used to prepare ven pongal using gives rich taste…..u might b right…..lemme give a try without milk n let u know……..Thanq for the prompt reply……

          2. Suganswami

            My Mom and most of my relatives use milk which as Ramya said makes it richer. People can choose between rich and light. I like the light one.

  3. anushareddyt

    Hi mullai,

    i finally found time today 2 try the came out well and was tasting really great.Thanks for the didnt take much of my time either.Add receipes that takes such less time so that i can cook different dishes in the time available for me at home(bcos i am working).

    keep up the gr8 work.

  4. Anusha

    Hi I was in search of this receipe for a long time now.Thanku i will surely try this and tell you how it turned will surely be a hit.i noted down some other receipes too.the site is very informative for working women like me to try out new receipes without much difficulty.

    Thanku and keep up the good work.

  5. kanatara

    Hi Mullai, I made some venpongal yesterday. It came out very well. thanks for this recipe.. BTW, I took a look at your other postings. I am going to try all these one by one:) keep up the great work! Thanks, -karthi

  6. Manoo

    hmmm made some venpongal… It turned out well… Thanks a lot as I was searching for this recipe. But only got time to do it. I made some without green gram even. With 1/2 cup of dhal. It also turned out well…


  7. Meenakshi

    Good Mullai, Added flavour for venpongal, we can use 1:1 , like 1 cup of rice and 1 cup of Dal, in order to add more flavour just saute rice n dal for few mintues ( until u smell the flavour). Sure u'll get tasty tasty Pongal.

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