VEGETARIAN PAD THAI RECIPE ~ Vegetable Pad Thai Recipe ~ Take-out Style Pad Thai recipe

Written by Mullai

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  1. Lakshmi

    Hi Mrs.Mullai
    All of your dishes are inviting.After Maggie noodles got ban in India it’s scary to use any ready made after that I am making noodles for my kids using Hakka noodles with soy and green chili sauce along with veggies or chicken.This thread is interesting.I am going to try to cook this recipe.Hatsoff to your effort for trying variety of dishes which helps everyone to take a step ahead for trying multi cuisine foods.Good work.

      1. Lakshmi

        Hi Mrs.Mullai,
        Yay!!! I got a big pat on my shoulder from my husband for this tasty recipe. I tried this recipe with most of the ingredients you mentioned here. It came out fantastic.He didn’t believe himself how much he ate. We all had it again for next day breakfast too. As you said the fresh sprouts gives a big difference. Please keep posting this type of multi cuisine recipes. Mikka Nandri .🙏🏻

  2. Srividhya

    Pad Thai is my favorite. Whenever I go to Sala Thai restaurant I do order this. Kudos to your effort of the detailed explanation of the ingredients and the substitutes. Great.. Will try this out for sure. Finding vegan Worcestershire sauce for quiet difficult for me.. but now I rely on whole food for everything. Pretty much I get vegan sauces from there. I am trying to prepare veg Red curry or yellow curry. But still working out on ingredients and substitutes. 😉 😉 You are such an inspiration yaar..

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