Vazhaikkai varuval

Written by kaviarun


  1. vijayadevi

    Hey, it was an awesome recipe…i tried it and it turned out just the same as u see in the picture above…and tastes great!!..Thanks for the delicious recipe!

  2. Mullai

    Kavi… pakkum podhey sapidanumunu thonuthu !! Hot pepper rasam sadhamkku nalla irrukum. Photos nalla irrruku, like those circular vazhaikkais standing.. creative!!

    1. kaviarun

      Thanks Mullai, vazhaikkai standing- i got this idea when i saw ur vazhaikkai fry….so it came from u…unga thin cut vazhaikkai parthu asanthu ponen….


    1. abhimuthu


      I just make this day before yesterday. Very tasty. presentation is good. My daughter like it very much. She is asking this WE too. I did not add fennel seed powder but will do this time. The secret to this recipe is not to over cook/under cook the plaintain. If undercooked it will be very dry. if overcooked it will become mushy.

      Thanks for posting.

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