Tiffin sambar

Written by kaviarun


  1. nini

    amazing while reading.. we have invited important deligates for dinner to our home.. am gonna try out ur sambar and veg. kuruma and see how it turns out.. much excited about everyone’s comments and wish to post mine tomorrow 🙂

  2. shanu

    Hi Kavi!

    Thanks for your sambhar recipe!! This is awesome. I always used to try diferent sambhar recipes with different sambhar powders but it never worked for me and I had lost hope. I had bugged everyone for that including Mullai di and got some nice ideas from her which i am yet to apply…but i made this sambhar and it was just perfect. My husband loved it. This was the second time I made it within a week.

    Great sambhar!


  3. manjupriya

    Hi Kavi,
    Tried this sambar yesterday with mini idlis. I added some cooked drumsticks to it. Romba arumaiya irunduthu, wonderful flavor. First time I tried without ready-made sambar podi. It was a huge hit. Thanks Kavi for sharing this flavorful simple sambar recipe.

  4. KrithiSrini

    I tried this yesterday . Came out very well. Thanks a lot and easy to make also.

    Post similar easy recipes like this

  5. Mullai

    Kavi, corn flour in sambar, thats new to me. Nalla pudumaiya irruku, seekram oru drive thru start panna vendiyathu than.

  6. Sadhanaraveen

    Hi Kavi i login at around 8:30 am seeing ur recipe makes me crave for mini idlies,,,:(…ippdi pic pottu torture panreengalae?! :)..very nice innaikkay idlykky maavu araikka porane..naalaikku will let u know how it came..:)

    Sadhana Raveen

  7. shan

    Kavi, enna vaasanai…antha podi nalla flavor kudukuthu, semaiya irukuthu kavi…just done, tasted the sambar and waiting for dinner. Thanx a lot for such a wonderful, fabulous ‘Nice Aroma Sambar’ Really dear…veedeea manakuthu paa…

    Next time gonna try with mixed veggies – (brinjol, drumstick, carrot, potato and kothavarai) Inemea onga style sambar thaan…

    Have a great day

  8. jlakshmi

    Excellent Kavi.. I will try this tom.. Innaikku than Idlikku Araichu vechuruken. I love Mullai’s Hotel sambhar, This will be added to my Fav. list.


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