Thai Chicken Fried Rice – Khao Pad Gai

Written by Mullai

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  1. Karen

    when you say 1 no onion
    and 2 nos fresh chili peppers and 2 nos eggs in this Thai chicken fried rice recipe
    What does (no and nos) mean

  2. Uma

    Hi Mullai, I am big fan of your receipies. They taste really good. I always love basil Thai fried rice and tried your receipe. Included basil leaves and turned out really good.

  3. sou

    really turned out good when i tried it last time eventhough i used homemade red chili paste(roasted red dry mirchi in oil and grinded them).now again will try it with store bought one.Else can i add shrimp paste seperately mullai?Really excellent dish thank u very much.

  4. Ponnarasi

    Hi Mullai,

    I would like to know the veggie version of this rice, too.

    When you say ripened red chillies, what do you mean by that? Are they the ripened green chillies which become red in color?


    1. Mullai

      Hi Ponnarasi,

       Thai red chilies are similar to our Indian short green chillies, except they are harvested in fall which gives them that red colour. You can also substitute plain green chilies or ripened (pazhutha) short green chili. Store bought red chili paste will work too. BTW, there isn't a veggie version to tell the truth, bcos fish sauce is one unique item in this recipe which adds that flavour and cannot be omitted. I even checked with a local restaurant… to see what they use for veg version.. they simply said vegetables and fish sauce minus meat. Every Thai dish includes that tinge of anchovies whether veg or non-veg, veggie Nam pla is very difficult to find in stores, try veg Worcestershire sauce, if you can find one.

      1. Ponnarasi

        Many thanks for your detailed reply, Mullai. What a scary truth about the veggie version in the restaurants!? Can't believe it…


        1. Ponnarasi

          I tried the veggie version immediately, Mullai. The taste was amazing and unbelievable. Such a wonderful experience in making a restaurant item.Thanks a lot for your instructions.


          As I wanted to venture on this at once I half-cooked(I should say mukkal padham, it was like taken out from the flame just before a couple of minutes of the whole cooking time) the rice and proceeded with the recipe.


          After the frying part the rice became a bit hard and the veggies were a bit raw. A bit means exactly a bit. Actually, I fried the whole igredients for couple, three minutes more as I felt the veggies were raw and the sauce was not properly mixed.


          My doubts;


          Do we need to cook the rice in full, I mean if we don't refrigerate it ?


          How to get the exactly crunchy (but not raw)  veggies? Is there any tips?



          1. Mullai

            Hi Pon, rice needs to be cooked fully. These people usually use long grain or Thai jasmine and cook them in regular rice cooker. Jasmine rice is bit sticky, always cook fully, cool completely then proceed. Coming to your other question, the veggies are normally cooked over high flame in a wok and that does the job perfectly. Of Course veggies will be crunchy but not raw though, the hot flame helps in cooking as well give the smoky flavour. But all these are not possible at home and have to compromise on few. Well, good luck next time and have fun exploring.

          2. Ponnarasi

            Thanks a lot for your professional reply, Mullai. May be, practice helps get a bit better.



  5. mdgirl

    I made this from another recipe just last night and it was quite bland.. i mentioned to my husband that the shrimp-chilli flavor was lacking. I think your recipe has answered my question: I will try it again with the addition of the roasted chilly paste. Thank you for the recipe and for sharing the brands of sauces/pastes you recommend.

  6. mkselvi

    Turned out awesome!! Thanks for the recipe. Meijer had everything except roasted red chilli paste. Went to kroger and found that too.. It was worth the hunt!

    Thanks again.

  7. freya

    Dinner mudicha kai yoda Thanks solluren Mullai! It was sooo good man! My hubby did appreciate me..Love u mullai Thanks a lot sis!


    hai mullai i made this on saturday ,outcome was really gud ,my hubby who is a great fan of thai foods really enjoyed it and he happily had his lunch by saying restaurant stylea iruku continously thanx 4 sharing mullai

  9. rathipathi

    Can I omit fish sauce in this recipe ? I am a vegetarian and since you said this is made from fish, I want to omit it and try without chicken as thai veggie fried rice

    1. Mullai

      Rathi, fish sauce is the highlight of this recipe, without that it becomes regular fried rice. There are few substitutes like bean and garlic sauce mixed with soy sauce. But its hard to get it as such, try a few chinese stores and ask for veg fish sauce.  If not proceed with recipe, add more soy sauce..ignoring fish sauce.

  10. Manoj

    Mullai…I couldn’t find Thai Kitchen’s Roasted Red Chilii Paste in my neighborhood, so settled for Thai Kitchen Red Curry paste which also seems to be a ‘red chili + thai spices’ blend. Would this be a decent substitute?

    1. Mullai

      Manoj, there isn't much difference and would definitely consider as a good substitute. Try and let me know. Thanks.


  11. priya gopi

    Hi Mullai We love thai food. I was searching for this recipe. My search ends here. It came out well. I didnt use MSG. Everyone says it is not good for health.Is that true?Can you clear my doubt?

  12. Visitor

    Is there a veggie version of this? I have always wanted to try Thai recipes, but I am a vegetarian. Can you also post recipes of Pad Thai ?

  13. Manoo

    It looks great… pesama nama oru restaurant open panalama – All food items will be available there.. who knows ours would be the best restaurant then….

  14. lara

    Hi mullai,

    I saw some thai recipes.. but for fried rice they didnt use redchilli paste… they mentioned oyster sauce along with fish and soy sauce…

    pls let me know detail


    1. Mullai

      Hi Lara,

      There are many types when it comes to thai fried rice, some add finely minced red chilies, some don't…but anything without these for sure would taste bland. Not sure about other recipes but for my recipe, roasted red chili paste blend (chilies + Oyster + shrimp paste + soy + fish oil) is a must for both taste and colour. You can follow the one which u are comfortable with.

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