Swiss Chard Dal

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      Swiss chard is a member of the beetroot family but its grown only for its leaves than root in western countries. Its nothing but leaves from beetroot plant, never seen in India but you can try asking for Chenkeerai / Sencheerai. Thanks.

  1. kaviarun

    Hi Mullai,
    Today i made this dhal. It was tastier than spinach dhal(this is my own opinion). Everyday i make some greens. My younger daughter started to hate spinach but today she likes to eat this. Nice post. Thanks.

  2. Joyce

    Hai Ms.Mullai,
    Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe. I tried the same way but used Spinach instead of SwissChard and still it came out well. This is my second trial and quite new since i used to make with tomatoes like other curries. This taste is different and pleasant to our taste buds. Keep up the good work! Thanks once again.


    1. Mullai

      Joyce, great to know that you tried this. Its suits for most of the Greens like Kale, Chard, Spinach and even Amaranth too. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Manoo

    I went and asked for pasali and they gave this in a shop. yea it just tastes like our pasali when you add to dhal. Good one mam… It tastes good with little coconut milk. Btw, may I know why you are adding sugar. For different taste?

    1. shan

      Hi Manoo,

      Sugar does not allow the green's/leafy veggie to change the color. So that we will add just a pinch while cooking greens.



      1. Manoo

        oh oh… I cook veges in high flame for few mins. So the colour remains abit green. I remember once mom used sugar to boil naatu kozhi. But the sugar change the curry taste right. We made mom to promise not to add it to any food. Few use vinger to boil naatu kozhi. still it gives weird taste. 

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