Stuffed Egg Rolls

Written by S.Priya

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  1. jlakshmi


    I have made them and kept in the fridge , going to try for tonight dinner along with Mullai’s Vegetable Biriyani. I am worried that it might crack or break open while frying . I will try one at a time and see. Yours looks perfect. I ran out of stuffing for the last half of 1 egg, so not sure if my potatoes were small or not. Anyway will let you know tom. If teh first one breaks, i will use oven to bake and broil like cutlets.


      1. jlakshmi



        You were right, they did not crack, I got the same picture and am sure the taste also would be the same, because it came so perfect and everyone liked it.



        Jaya Lakshmi 

  2. Busy Bee

    looks good………… tempting………….. getting some eggs tmw……. unga version try pani parkiran….. and i just remembered you saying tat you liked my stuffed eggs & tried again….. glad you liked it……. and i feel iam honoured to get such comment from you………




    Busy Bee

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