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  1. Divya

    Hi Mullai Aunty, I am 11 years old, and I’m very interested in cooking. My mom and I have tried many if your recipes, and they came out great. They tasted amazing! You have posted very nice, and intrigiung recipes. This Paneer Moong Sprout recipe looks absolutely delicious! Actually we are making it right now!
    Thank you for your great recipes!


    1. Mullai

      Divya, I”m really surprised to see a 11 year old who is this enthusiastic in cooking. Well, nice to hear that you help your mom and as well experimenting recipes. Thank you sooooooo much for your lovely feedback and my best wishes for success in everything you do. Thanks.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Krishna, we are yet to work on the forums. Some features needs lot of work and sprouting is one topic under that. Will post soon or when time permits. If you have specific doubt regarding that then I can help you with. Thanks.

      1. krishna

        Hi Mullai,
        Thank you! Truly appreciate you fixing that page so fast.
        My intention was to just pass on the message to you that the page wasn’t displaying anything; was surprised when the comment got posted instantly. Sorry if it made you feel rushed. Guess I should have used the “Contact” page to convey it.
        Thanks for offering to clarify my doubts. I will try your method for sprouting today and am sure it will be a success.
        I’ve tried three of your recipes in the past one week, and needless to say, every single one was devoured. 🙂 Please take all the time you need to clarify doubts/ work on the site.. it’s your website, and it is wonderful as it is already. Thanks again.

  2. srujana


    Thanks for delicious recipe..keep on posting such a delicious recipes which adds required protiens , vitamins etc.. So that u can help people in having sound health.

    bye take care…

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