Simple Sweet Corn Dosa

Written by vijiaravind


  1. aarthick

    Hi viji, tried this for morning breakfast.. taste was amazing.. bored of having same kind of dosas and this recipe has turned out very well.. Idhe madhiri neraya recipes post pannunga pa.. Good luck !!

  2. Cappuccino

    viji, tried corn dosa.  While grinding corn with red chilli i added jeera.

    Also i added chopped red onion, green chillies, cilantro with the batter to enhance the flavour. We had a nice different dosa with sambar for dinner. Thanx for sharing dear.

     Expecting more/unusual receipes from you.

    Have a great day

  3. Mullai

    Viji, dosai looks tempting, must taste wonderful with thick spicy chutney. Hoping to try soon and thanks for sharing this new idea of including corn in dosai batter.

  4. Busy Bee

    Members started to post awesome pic. Its like mam;s standard… 🙂
    Btw, Amma makes flour with dried corn (you can store it up to one month). and mix one cup of it for one cup of ulundu to make thosa. we hated the strong smell. but had to eat as its good for health..


    Busy Bee

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