Shrimp Biryani

Written by Mullai

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  1. Farook

    Hello Mam,
    I am working in Saudi. I am cooking for myself and my cousin since one year. I am cooking well only with the help this website. I haven’t refer to any other sources so far as yours are complete book for tasty cooking. I miss my mom very much but never miss my home-taste dishes with help of your fine recipes. I tried shrimp briyani today, it came out as taste as my mom cooking.
    Trillions of Thanks for your service.

    Nice Regards,
    Farook, KSA

  2. Jayanthi Senthil Kumar

    Mullai, i just have one doubt. The cup measurement u are referring is the rice cooker cup or the normal azhaku which we use in india???

    1. Mullai

      Jayanthi, its the regular 8 ounce measuring cups. Azhaku is slightly bigger, rice cooker cups yield little less than regular measuring cup. This recipe will work for both regular and rice cooker cup. Make sure you use the same cup for rice and liquid measure. Hope this helps. Thanks.

    1. Mullai

      Priya, washed basmati, cooked masala and coconut milk all goes into the rice cooker at the same time. Check for salt and close the cooker. Thanks.


  3. merais

    Thank you so much! I made this yesterday and it was lovely. I did not have coconut milk at home so had to use some yogurt instead. It was so tasty and my first go at makign it.

    I did a few extra things:

    Put a tiny bit of garam masala
    fried onions and put then on the top after the biriyani was cooked
    also sliced boiled egg and places it on top

    It is a wonderful dish and I look forward to making more of your recipes

  4. merais

    Hi. am making this today. One question, you have your measure ments in cups but all sizes are differnt, can I have a more exact measurement? also do I have to use coconut milk, will plain yogurt do?

    many thanks!

  5. padmavijay

    hai mullai,

    thank u for giving all of us such a gud recipes….re recipes r really helping us to cook fantastic….

    and shrimp biryani was out of the world…..i tried it came out really gud…

    keep up ur gud work mullai…..thank again…


      1. padmavijay

        thank u for patting me…….but u deserve all those pats for ur self……coz of u, i'm getting pat from other people…..

        all the complements goes only to u…..

        keep up ur gud work…… 


  6. jaysri84

    Hi Mullai,

    I have become a big fan of ur receipes! Dey are soo similar to my mom’s!

    Apart from PAchadis or Raita as side dish for Biriyanis, can u suggest what else will go well for Erra Biriyani??
    Awaiting ur answer! Thanx a Tonne!

    Peace Alwayz,


  7. jlakshmi


    Tried again for lunch today, exactly same way, did with baby prawns and homemade cocunut milk. It came out so well. Thanks

  8. Radhika suresh

    hi mullai i tried this yesterday it was excellent,but it was sticky littlebit.can u tell me why,.since iam going to prepare it for office party tomorrow.

    1. Mullai


       Did you pressure cook it ??? Rice and water could be the two possibilites. Try with the brand which you are ok with, electric rice cooker helps, less soaking time preferred.

  9. Deepa Manimudichozhan

    Perfect Mullai, It came out perfect this afternoon. Was my second try. First time I think i used a bit more of Coconut milk than i should have. Today it was just perfect. Prawn Biryani vairaiyum manasaiyum nirappidichu. Thanks so much.


  10. jlakshmi


    I do this the same way but without coconut milk, but has used Yogurt , let me try this tonight with Cocconut Milk and will let you know. I guess it goes well with boiled eggs and Raidha just like any other Biriyani..


  11. Manoo

    Guess what, before mixing the prawn to rice i would have finished it. we make curries like this – very thick….But with coconut milk too… Mouthwatering…

  12. Viji Aravinthan

    I am making this for lunch today. Thank you for such a grt recipe b’cos have been waiting for prawn briyani for long time.

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