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Written by Mullai

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  1. Salai Varumpadham

    Mullai , In Saravana Bhavan Sakkarai pongal , Small pieces of koparai thengai are added and it gives a very good taste. R.Salai Varumpadham

  2. Manoo

    Mam, in sri lanka we do add milk. And we use that dark brown jaggery…Anyway as you said you have to have it when its warm. Have you heard pal pongal or kiri bath in sinhalese… We boil red raw rice in coconut milk and have with dry sambol. How you managed to get it like you added coconut milk. We also add milk sometimes.

    btw, Nice green saree or table mat. My favourite green too. You know what I must observe you well as my creative mind suthama gone after I came here…. Take care…. Finished exams. So Now iam allowed to browse no…Warm pongal wishes mam…

  3. sapna

    hi…….just a quick doubt…you have asked to use green gram dhal, which is green in colour.but the dhal shown in the pic is thoordal, rt? can we use any of these?

    1. kaviarun

      Hi sapna,  First for pongal u can't use green color moong dhal(with skin).  You have to use  split moong dal(Paasi  paruppu in tamil)  which  is in yellow  colour(without skin) & the  picture  shows moongdhal.

    1. Manoo

      Hiii Abish,

      We make fried brinjal curry. Its similar to the lady's finger curry posted by me. But we make bit watery. Not that thick. Also we fry vatral millakai, vadakam (made with neem flower & ulunthu) and papad. I dont kno how ppl can eat it. I cant. But, I know its very common with SL tamils. Pongal wishes anyways 

  4. kanatara

    Hello Mullai,

    I think we can also add a milk with this pongal.
    Could you please let me know which is a good stage
    to add the milk?


  5. Visitor

    Hi ,
    This is Nisha. I was browsing thru this website and found ur sarkarai pongal very attractive.
    But i have a doubt in that, for the water amount , in ingredients u have mentioned as 3 1/2 cups but in preparation , u have mentioned to cook the rice and dhal mixture in 5 cups of water , so which is the right one.

    Please reply.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Nisha,

      Good that you let me know. Sometimes while typing, these mistakes happen and I apologize for that. Actually it has to be 4 1/2 cups of water. I've made the correction.

  6. Visitor


    I was just browsing the net for some recipes. I found your recipe with pictures. Awesome. Good job. Keep it up.
    I am going to try your vada curry tomorrow.
    I am also from Tamilnadu and live in Philadelphia. Where do you live? If in US we can talk. This is Abhirami.

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