SAMBAR RECIPE ~ சாம்பார் ~ How To Make Mixed Vegetable Sambar

Written by Mullai

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  1. Krithika Prakash

    Hi mullai. I am new to your blog. I just want to know which sambhar powder tastes good. Mtr, shakti or anything else ?? Pls let me know. I want to make my sambhar tastier. I am reading your recipes. I will try soon..


  2. rgbudhar

    Many Thanks Mullai. Whenever I invite my vegetarian friends, I cook as per this receipe and they always liked this sambhar very much.

  3. iyswaryaa

    Mullai, Your Sambar receipe is good. For some reason i am not abel to view the receipes i am just able to view only the image. I don’t know how to view the ingredients and other stuff for the receipe.

    Even i searched out with the receipe name. Still i am just getting the image only.

    Please help me in getting the receipe


    i tried frying masala and srilankan coconut rice

  4. thamari

    Hi Mullai, Thanks in millions for this great recipe.I tried many times to make sambar but it didn't come properly. But your recipe is just perfect. It turned out very well.Thanks again.



  5. Anja

    Thanks Mullai for this great recipe, my fiance loved it! I dont have a pressure cooker in this size (yet) so I prepared it in a normal pot it turned out very well.

  6. aniethamaniezhilan

    hi mullai ,

    i want to know whether we can make sambar powder at home,my husband dose nt like the ready made one from stores,so will u be able to help me.

  7. shan

    Usually sambar powder will be added after the process is over. Finally add the sambar powder and mix thoroughly and turn-off the gas, you will get the fresh flavour and aroma. Do not cook after adding the sambar powder. That's what i usually do while making sambar.

  8. Gowher

    This recipe looks yummy….
    But i hav a small doubt, last time when i tried sambar of my own(similar to this) it had thoardal smell, which i dnt like… and which doesnt hav when my mom prepares it when i was in india.
    I think the reason is that i did not add “asafoetida powder” to that. It is not available here not even in Indian stores. Can u please suggest how to get rid of that thoardal smell in sambar.

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