Ribbon Pakoda


Ribbon Pakoda 12 (2) Crispy tea-time savoury  snack made with rice and gram flour flavored with garlic and fennel. We call it Ola Pakoda also known as O’ttu Pakoda or Nada Thenkuzhal.

Ola Pakoda / Nada Thenkuzhal / O’ttu Pakoda / Ribbon Murukku / Nada Pakoda / Oatu Pakoda / Thenkulal

Ingredients – 1
Split roasted gram 1/4 cup
Dry Red Chili  4 count
Fennel seeds 1 tsp
Ingredients- 2
Rice Flour  1 cup
Gram Flour/Besan  1/2 cup
Split roasted gram flour (from Table-1)  1/4 cup
Asafoetida  1/ 4 tsp
Salt 3/4 tsp + 2 pinch  (exact)
Sesame seeds 1/2 tsp (optional)
Butter or ghee (room temperature) 2 Tablespoon
Oil  3 cups (for deep frying)

Ingredients – 3
Garlic 4 cloves
Water 1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoon (for paste)
Water  few tsp (only if needed)


Assemble all 3 ingredients from Table- 1 in a mixie  to make a powder.

Ribbon Pakoda 1

Grind to make a fine powder.

Ribbon Pakoda 2

Sieve the flour and keep aside. We need  1/4 cup of this spiced split roasted gram powder.

Ribbon Pakoda 3


Now in a mixie grind garlic cloves with the water specified.

Ribbon Pakoda 4


Make a thin paste by grinding. Filter this garlic paste through a fine mesh sieve if your mixer cannot grind finely.


Ribbon pakoda 5


Now  in mixing bowl, combine Gram flour, rice flour, prepared split roasted gram flour, asafoetida, sesame seeds and salt.


Ribbon Pakoda 6


Add  (butter/ghee) and the  garlic paste to this flour mixture and start making the dough.


Ribbon pakoda 7

Water measure given above should be enough to make stiff , non-sticky dough.

Ribbon pakoda 8


But you may add a few extra drops if needed. Add little by little so that you don’t make it too watery.


ribbon pakoda 9

The dough should look stiff and when you touch, it should not be sticky.


ribbon pakoda 10


Fill the murukku press with the dough and use a ribbon pakoda plate for pressing.


ribbon pakoda 11

Heat oil and press the dough through the Achi or naazhi / murukku press. Check the oil temperature by pressing a strip and once it immediately floats on top with bubbling oil then the oil is ready to fry. Sample a few before you press all the dough. Once fully fried the pakodas will stop all the hiss sound and bubbles will subside. Now you may take them out with a slotted spoon and drain excess oil by placing them over a paper towel. Let cool completely and then store in an air-tight box for upto 2 weeks.


Ribbon Pakoda 12 (2)


Enjoy your snack !


Yields about 500-750 grams (approx)

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