Ragi Dosai – Fermented Ragi Dosa – Finger Millet Dosa

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      Soak whole ragi in water overnight, about 8 to 10 hours. The next morning give it a fresh rinse in cold water and strain and place it in a damp cloth all covered up. Place this somewhere in a warm place in your kitchen and in about another 8 hours you should see them sprouting.
      Check this thread for the procedure, i have used whole moong instead of ragi. Thanks!

    1. Mullai

      Hello Chitra,
      We can make this 4 different ways, the first method is what i like personally
      1. Using Ragi as whole grain (whole Ragi grain / millet along with rice and urad dal) 1 cup ragi millet + 1 cup Idli rice + 1/2 cup urad dal + 1 teapoon fennugreek seeds. This method needs soaking and fermenting works for both ragi idli & dosa
      2. Using Ragi flour along with rice and urad dal. This is the above mentioned method.
      3. Using Ragi flour along with rice flour and maida or sooji. This is more like instant version like rava dosa.
      4. Using ragi flour with dosai batter. This is a quick method and works good for dosa.

      Hope this helps and thanks for visiting my space.

  1. gayu1981


    I love this recipe. I am making it tonight for dinner.
    i have a question

    How long can I keep this batter? I mean can I keep it for a day or two in the refrigerator?

    Thanks in advance

  2. vijayalakshmi mahalingam

    hi mullai,i prepared this ragi doasi with ur potato kurma as side dish. both dishes are delicious.especially potato kurma came out very well really… rich in taste.thanks for the receipes mullai.

  3. preethi garlapati

    Hi Mullai,
    This is preethi. Today i did ur ragi dosai it was too good. my hubby liked it very much.so lots of thanks for adding one more recipe in our breakfast menu.i want to put the pictures of dishes which i prepared seeing ur recipes. how can i?

  4. Nirmala

    Hi Mullai,

    I have been looking for this recipe for a long time.Thank you so much for posting it here.Will try this during the weekend and i’ll let you know how it came out.Keep up your good work.Have a nice day !


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